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    Beckson 5" Port

    Well guys I found this awesome 5" 1/8 Turn-lock inspection port from Beckson. Its got a unique design. It locks in without threads and the screw on top completly covers any screws and protects port from any leaks from the top by eliminating the seam where the traditional port screws down. It...
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    Sunfish bow handle

    My old bow handle prettymuch corroded off my boat. I think it was alluminum plated chrome. So Im wondering if they changed it to stainless. Because the new one I have seems heavier. anyone know if it has changed.
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    New PVC Dolly!

    Okay so here is the dolly that I made this weekend. It cost me about $50.00 to make. and it can be broken down so it can fit in my Ford Escape while I trailer the boat. Ill post parts list and instructions at some point this week. I used wide tires and used a line to stabilize the extension...
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    leak through crack in gelcoat on bottom of hull.

    There is a crack in the gelcoat in the bottom keel downt he center of the hull on either side of the daggerboard slot. It runs from front to back. well the boat has been moved to a couple of sawhorses in my back yard and I am drying it out. Well I noticed a wet spot on the ground and looked up...
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    Cockpit problems?

    Last year when I was out in the surf on my boat I noticed the cockpit seemed like it was slapping against the hull. I know its not disconnected but would it hurt pour some expansion foam into the gap between the hull and the cockpit? I know its not the foam blocks in the front because I...
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    New Gelcoat on bottom of Sunfish

    I'm gonna gelcoat the entire bottom of one of my sunfish. It's a 1986. the gelcoat isnt worn out but its getting there. The previous owner kept her covered on a beach and the motion of water occasionally hitting it has worn some good abrasions over the whole bottom. I have wet sanded most of...
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    Fly away boat!

    So today up here in MA we had a pretty big rain and wind storm. I was pulling into my driveway and straight in front of me is my sail boat. But not where I had it. IT WAS IN THE AIR! It was pretty much flying. The wind picked it up off the trailer and it landed 8 feet away on the ground...
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    1983 Sunfish for sale

    Okay, so I have two Sunfish now and my wife says I need to get rid of one. So I told her that I would. So it got everything you need. A recently refinished rudder, tiller, tiller extension, and Barrington style daggerboard. I bought it a last year from an old man who won it (he was a sales...
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    what is the Composite White Daggerboard made of?

    I have a white FRP official daggerboard for racing and I dragged into the sand a few times. and noticed that the white finish just wore away to a yellow base material. I'm assuming this is the fiberglass layer. How do they make these boards and rudders? Has anyone seen a broken one? I'm...
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    Quality of mid to late 90's Sunfish?

    Does anyone know anything about build quality in the mid to late 90's Sunfish boats. I found one that I'm interested in and want to make sure there were no major problems in those years. I know Pearson built boats were very inconsistent in the build quality and I don't want a boat that is...
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    hiking boots and gloves.

    I was wondering what is the recommended gloves and sailing boots to purchase for sailing a sunfish.
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    best way to set SS Rivets?

    I installed some cleats in my lower spar for my cunningham and outhaul and wanted to know what everyone else had used to set these super strong Stainless steel rivets. I practically broke my rivet tool installing these clam cleats. Any help would be appreciated. I have another spar set I want...
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    expansion foam and blocks

    here are some pictures of me resetting one of the loose blocks in my boat. I only have one 5" port at the centerboard area. I made a tool to reach far inside by taping the cup to the end of a short wooden stick actually very easy to use. I only had to use it for two pours. I used a 3" putty...
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    Outhaul length

    Why does the sunfish require 20 ft of line for a outhaul? I was out sailing today and the outhaul is soooo long it got in the way. Is there a reason that 20ft is needed. Is there a way to create a handle with knots out of the outhaul line?
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    New racing rig. What a difference!

    so here are some pics of my new race set up after i washed it down.. I took it out today on Buzzards Bay, MA. Now all I have to do is finish converting my other boat to a race set up. I'm almost done with it. The race set up is great! I love the adjustable Cunningham and out haul, and the sail...
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    Sailing this weekend! S.New England mid 80'S!

    So Im taking my boat out in Westport MA this weekend. Anyone else going out in this beautiful weather? Anyone up for some recreational racing? Unfortunatly my race boat wont be able to make it but Ill have my other fish all buffed out and ready to sail by tonight.
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    hiking strap retro how to seal bolts

    I just installed my hiking strap but i need to know what to use for sealant on the bolts. I have everything dry fitted right now but should i use 3m 5200? or should i just use a clear silicone sealant. i was thinking that the silicone would be better. Any suggestions?
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    How to anodize aluminum?

    I had one of my lower booms repaired. The person who had it before some how broke it at the gooseneck. (nice clean break too, wierd!) So I had it repaired and the guy did an awesome job, my only concern is that its going to corrode quickly. I shot some enamel paint on it but its just gonna...
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    Fish Refurb. and foam block repair.

    I'm refurbishing a 76' sunfish and I just finished scratching out all the cracked gelcoat air bubbles and repairing these areas. I polished and waxed the boat. sanded and painted the coaming and cut a center 5"port. between the coaming and the centerboard trunk. The boat looks awesome! But...
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    Mast retro kit

    is it really necessary to get the mast sleeve to stiffen the mast?