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  1. Repete

    Sunfish Forum Photo Gallery / Files ..... moved?

    It's been a while since I have been back on the forum..... did the Photo Gallery / Files move since Wayne managed this forum ? Regards to all you Sunfish skippers up here.
  2. Repete

    Sunfish Race Sail..... For Sale

    Four season used North race sail. All white, class legal (Srilanka sewn). Still a good racer with window and sailcloth numbers. No holes. Small sail tape patch near gooseneck position (two pin holes fixed, minor). $212.00 includes free shipping to USA only. I am building other boats and need to...
  3. Repete

    New Laser Performance Two Loop Bridle wears out after 3 hour sail

    I just installed a "builder provided" two loop bridle / traveler this past Sunday prior to a great day of sailing. I replaced a homemade two-loop bridle to become class legal for an upcoming regatta. The new white vinyl on the bridle looked thin or milky. After three to four hours of heavy wind...
  4. Repete

    AMF Alcort Hilu for Sale , w/ Original Sail !

    Original 1972 vintage Hilu in easy to clean up condition. Original sail is in great shape and wooden parts are in very nice condition. Original mahogany seat boards need to be refinished. Main and secondary hull are very solid and little to no spider stress cracks in the gelcoat as one would...
  5. Repete

    Whale of a tale! 40-ton whale lands on yacht

  6. Repete

    New Tiller Extension on Older Ash Tiller

    Ok, I have a new tiller extension to mount to my existing ash tiller. I plan to cut a hardwood dowel and filled epoxy to fill the old bolt hole of the original wood tiller extension. I plan to straddle the bolt hole, sightly aft, with the new universal base of the new tiller extension. Thinking...
  7. Repete

    Mahogany Filler Recipe..........

    I have a mahogany centerboard that came with a free2me boat. It looks to have been used more as a depth finder for rocks if you know what I mean. I would like to use an epoxy approach for good adhesion. Can I get relatively close to the mahogany range with west epoxy, 405 filler, and mahogany...
  8. Repete

    White Knuckle Ride and Landing

    Sailing up here in southwest lower Michigan yesterday I just escaped a really bad sailing experience in a fast moving thunder storm. I was sailing in some great 15 to 20 knots on Austin Lake, south of Kalamazoo under a partly cloudy sky and temps near 90. I was doing some vantastic reaches, pure...
  9. Repete

    Blue & White Sunfish Hiking Strap Kit (New)

    New, Blue and white Sunfish hiking strap kit. Includes pad eyes, pre-stretch lines, plate, and blue padded hiking strap with white Sunfish logo. Never installed, I just ordered to many. First $48.00 , plus extra shipping from 49001, takes it.
  10. Repete

    Happy Birthday Bradley

    Happy Birthday to our moderator of the Sunfish Forum. Best Regards. Repete
  11. Repete

    Sail ties, which diameter, what type of line

    I am upgrading from rings to sail ties. I have searched the posts and found several diameters and types of low stretch lines used. I also found that an 11" sail tie and a square knot will hold with a gap for slippage. I have found Opti ties of Vectran Excel Marlow like 3mm and 1/12" polyester...
  12. Repete

    Happy Birthday Al Courtines

    Thanks for all your postings and expertise to the forum on wood restoration and the like.:)
  13. Repete

    Sunfish upper and lower spar set for sale.

    I have an extra spar set with the tack hardware and lower boom pulleys in great shape. All end caps are included. The set is very straight and has average wear along mast to spar surface areas. Too expensive to ship. Pick-up only. I am near exit 78 on I-94 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I will let them...
  14. Repete

    Needed: Used set of Spars / Booms

    I am looking to purchase a used, second set of spars for our current Sunfish. I am willing to drive a couple of hours from 49007. Shipping does not make these items a great buy. Thanks for your help in advance.
  15. Repete

    Porpoise spars / booms, same as a SUNFISH?

    I am looking for a second, used, set of spars for a recreational sail for the kids. I found a Porpoise sail and booms for sail in my state. I have googled and searched here on the forum under "Porpoise and Super Porpoise". I looked at the Sunfish Sailor photo files too. There are comments of the...
  16. Repete

    Has anyone sailed with their dog?

    We have a new family member, a one year old Boston Terrier. He is very agile and loves to be at my side. I would like to try to sail with him, trusting he stays in the cockpit of which he does when the boat is on the trailer in my backyard. I am a trailer sailer. My neighbor swims and boats with...
  17. Repete

    Twelve ounces by day, two gallons by night

    A great day of sailing yields a beer cans worth of water in my hull. Overnight being moored on the water yields nearly two gallons ( I did not have enough empty beer cans to keep the same scientific measurements:rolleyes:). So, I finally did my air pressure test of the hull. I used my shop vac...
  18. Repete

    Is 12 ounces "a leaky hull".

    We had some great runs this past Sunday after finally setting sail since all of my fall and winter upgrades. Memorial day was a lazy day for sailing and the boat just stayed moored off the beach. I noticed on both days, one heavy winds and great sailing, and the second day just sitting still...
  19. Repete

    Bolt on to reach?

    I now have a new inspection port in and putting the final coat of paint on my coaming. While the paint is drying I am planning my route to reach stainless steel locknuts and a washer to each of the connection holes in the deck for the coaming. The most outer two holes are passed the foam...
  20. Repete

    Deck prep before sealant for deck plate

    What can I do to insure the footprint area of the deck plate is free of wax or other materials to insure a great seal? I have cut my port opening and sanded the edges to deburr everything. Should I sand with 600 wet and wipe just the footprint area, that will be covered, with acetone to remove...