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  1. baseman

    Mast tube/step depth

    This question has most likely been asked before, but I couldn't find an answer. I had to rebuild my mast step and I neglected to measure it before I started the repairs. Mine measures about 9 inches.
  2. baseman

    3-loop vs. 2-loop bridle

    I was thinking about converting my 3 loop bridle to a 2 loop. I think I can remove the crimp on the 3rd loop without removing the bridle. I would have to add a block for the mainsheet. I'm looking for recommendations on what to use for a block. It's not a sunfish (it's a hybrid, Viking hull...
  3. baseman

    Water in the hull

    I didn't think my Viking leaked, but I can't figure out how the water in the hull got there. Last week I did something I don't normally do. I left the boat on the lake where I race, rigged and uncovered. We had some heavy rains during the week I left it there. When I got up there last Sunday...
  4. baseman

    Open invitation to NH sailors

    We would like to have you join us for this years races at Bow Lake in Strafford hosted by Lightning Fleet #493. Good points: 1. We don't care what kind of boat you have, all are welcome. 2. Unless you have a Lightning, you don't have to be class legal. 3. It's free. 4. If you've never raced...
  5. baseman

    Interesting Ad

    I'm not quite sure what to make of this rig. It's definitely a Scorpion hull, but that's where the similarity ends. The ad shows a Phantom sail. I don't know what kind of boat the rudder came from. The bracket doesn't look like anything I...
  6. baseman

    Halyard attachment

    This may seem like an odd question, but here goes. I have a Viking, but I'm using the spars from my Phantom. On the upper boom on the Phantom, there is an eyestrap to attach the halyard. I want to lower the boom closer to the deck and the Sunfish rigging guide says to use a clove hitch. I know...
  7. baseman

    Open Invitation for NH sailors

    Anyone who has a Sunfish or Clonefish. We would like to see you at the (very informal) races on Sunday July 21st at Bow Lake in Strafford. Any boat is welcome and no one needs to be class legal. The races are run by a Lightning fleet, but are open to all types of boats. Races start at noon, so...
  8. baseman

    Trailer rollers

    My trailer has black rubber rollers that tend to leave marks on the hull. Is there a way to clean them, or should I replace them?
  9. baseman

    Which board should I use?

    First of all, I don't have a Sunfish, I have a Viking which is almost indentical. The board on the left in the picture came with the Viking. The board on the right is a Phantom board. The Phantom board is slightly longer and has more of a foil shape. I don't know if the Viking board is original...
  10. baseman

    To paint or not to paint ?

    My Viking has one repair to the hull (which was well done by a previous owner). Should I leave it like that or put a coat of gelcoat on it. If I use the gelcoat I have, the color won't match unless I do the whole hull (which I don't think it needs). The hull is in pretty good shape other than...
  11. baseman

    New boat

    OK, it's not new, but it's new to me. I just picked up a '73 Viking for $50. It came with all new running rigging. Hull is in great shape for it's age, light enough to indicate it doesn't leak. Some people may have thought it strange to see someone hauling a sailboat when it's 37 degrees and...
  12. baseman

    Rigging question

    I think I already know how this will play out, but I thought I would ask anyway. I have a Phantom (as some of you probably already know). The gooseneck is fixed (riveted) at 20" and there is an eyestrap on the upper boom to attach the halyard. This puts the sail in a position you can see in the...
  13. baseman

    New sail first time out

    I took my Phantom out today with a new Intensity Sails race cut Sunfish sail. I was out on a small lake near my house. The wind was very gusty and shifty. When the gusts came up, I was getting some good speed. The sail is more powerful than the recreational sail I have been using, so it might...
  14. baseman

    Sunfish sail

    I have a recreational sail from FX sails. White, no logo and no window. 3 yrs old and still crisp. I used it on my Pantom. It will work for a Sunfish, Phantom Scorpion, or any similar lanteen rigged boat. Price is $75. I'm in NH, but I can ship it. Buyer pays actual shipping costs. This sail...
  15. baseman

    Scorpion hardware

    I have a Scorpion that has been in my family since the mid 60's. The hull has suffered from neglect (not by me, my brother has had the boat since the mid 80's). I think the hull is in such bad shape that it is not worth restoring (at least not by me). I've decided to part it out. All the...
  16. baseman

    Ready to roll

    I just thought I'd share this. The bunks on the trailor are under the cockpit which puts less strain on the hull. The gadget that holds the sail and the mast came with the boat. I don't remember ever seeing anything like it for a Sunfish.
  17. baseman

    Looking for a Phantom rudder

    I don't need any of the hardware, I'm just looking for the blade. If anyone knows where I can find one, let me know.
  18. baseman

    Open Invitation

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes. I know this is a geographically diverse group, but if any of you live in or near New Hampshire, I'm looking for some competition. I race my Phantom on Bow Lake in the summers. The races are run by a Lightning fleet, but all...
  19. baseman

    Paint or Gel coat?

    The hull of my Phantom has been repaired many times (mostly be the previous owner). The repairs were done well so I'm not concerned about that. Should I just sand the hull and paint it, or should I apply a thin layer of gel coat. I'm not looking to restore the boat to it's original condition...
  20. baseman

    Sail confusion

    I read more here than I post because I don't have a Sunfish. I have a Phantom. I find the advice very good as it works for both boats. I'm thinking about getting a new sail. I've done some research and I have couple of questions. The sail I'm using now is a Sunfish sail from FX Sails. The...