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  1. jleonard99

    1977 Sunfish

    Looking to sell my 1977 Sunfish, it is in excellent shape, original sail on the boat. When I got the boat it was from a family who kept it stored in a barn for the past thirty or so years. It has new ropes on the boat as well as a new rudder. Everything is in great shape and the boat is very...
  2. jleonard99

    1971 Sunfish - Excellent Condition

    I have a 1971 Sunfish in great shape. All original paint, white with green stripes and green cockpit. Sail is the original white and green sail that came with the boat. The boat was stored indoors, along with all the parts. Second owner. New mainsheet and halyard ropes, both white and green...
  3. jleonard99

    SOUTH CAROLINA Green and white mainsheet

    Looking for a green and white mainsheet line. Please send picture and price. Thanks
  4. jleonard99


    Sold 2007 Vanguard Sunfish (Seneca SC, $2,000) New Photos added |
  5. jleonard99

    Post 1972 Rudder Blade wanted

    I am looking for a rudder blade for boats after 1972. Shipping zip code is 29672 if you want to estimate shipping costs and give me a total price. Would like it not to be painted a different color, just stained.
  6. jleonard99

    AMF Sunfish

    This listing is for a pre 1971 Sunfish. The boat comes with a brand new sail that has never been used and was made in the USA. Daggerboard is in excellent condition and looks great. Rudder is the classic style with brass attachment. Original paint on the top deck. The boat does have a few minor...
  7. jleonard99

    2007 Vanguard Sunfish (Seneca SC, $2,000) New Photos added

    I have a 2007 Vanguard Sunfish, with a great condition sail made by north sails. The boats daggerboard is in excellent condition. A deck cover in like new condition comes with the boat. The rudder is wood, with the ronstan battlestick tiller extension. The mainsheet line was recently replaced...
  8. jleonard99

    Sail Wanted

    Would like to buy a new or slightly used sail, Made in the USA. I would prefer for the sail to have blue in the color.
  9. jleonard99

    Favorite Sunfish Design

    If anyone would like to comment what is there favorite, design, color, and manufacturer of the Sunfish, it would be interesting to see what everyone likes. Pictures of favorites are encouraged as well as why it is your favorite. I look forward to seeing the interesting discussion and comments on...
  10. jleonard99

    Laser wanted in South Carolina

    Looking for a laser sailboat in sc, please contact me or comment if you have one to sell.
  11. jleonard99

    Return Sunfish Manufacturing to the USA

    I would like to get everyone's thoughts and opinions on this. I have been reading numerous posts on the forum, where people have waited months for a Sunfish. There seems to be production/shipping problems somewhere along the line. I believe these problems could be fixed if the boat production...
  12. jleonard99

    Minifish Wanted in Upstate SC

    If anyone has a mini fish they would like to sell please let me know.
  13. jleonard99

    Anyone in Upstate SC?

    Hey everyone, I have a sunfish and would enjoy being able to go out on a bigger sailboat one day. If anyone needs crew or wants to go sailing let me know.
  14. jleonard99

    Does Anyone Know About Chrysler Sailboat?

    Hey everyone, Someone offered to sell me there Chrysler Sailboat, I have a sunfish now and am considering having another boat for when relatives come into town. Does anyone know anything about these boats and performance. I hear it's about 15 feet long.
  15. jleonard99

    Sunfish Purchase Advice

    Hey everyone, I was wondering where people buy their sunfish. Do you use the forum, what, etc. Down in the south east, especially upstate sc it's hard to find a sunfish. What do you guys look for in a purchase as well? Hope this is helpful to everyone.
  16. jleonard99

    Sunfish Daggerboard

    I have a sunfish daggerboard I would like to talk as I have just upgraded to a new one. This one has been used and had dings, scratched and areas that have been repaired. Please look at pictures. Price drop to $100
  17. jleonard99


    Looking to buy a new mainsheet line. 7 or 8mm. Please contact me if to you have one.
  18. jleonard99

    Want to buy a sail

    Would like to buy a sail in New or very good condition. Message me if available.
  19. jleonard99

    Rudder Cheek Assembly Wanted

    Hey Everyone, I am looking for a rudder cheek assembly, if anyone has one for sale please let me know. Thanks
  20. jleonard99

    1978 Sunfish Sailboat

    I am selling my 1978 Sunfish Sailboat, it is in excellent shape, especially for it's age. Comes with a custom trailer and the daggerboard and rudder are in amazing shape. Comes with deck cover as well. Sails and looks beautiful. There are two options for the sail you can choose from.