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    2009 Full Rig (San Francisco, CA) w/ Trailer $4750

    2009 (#196078) Full Rig w/ Dolly and Kitty Hawk Trailer. $4750. ($4000 without trailer)
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    2013 US Champs

    anybody know when and where this regatta is? thanks!
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    Need Charter For Charlotte Harbor Regatta 2012

    Hey all, any shot I could charter or borrow a boat for CHR 2012? In exchange I can provide you with lodging if you'd like to come out to SF Bay for a regatta (or a boat if its a masters event, as im not quite eligible for masters yet...) cheers, Mike
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    2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule seems like a no-brainer "yes" vote.
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    Intensity sails at regattas

    a few points folks-- - just because its not a grand prix event, its still a LASER event. if youre not using an official LASER sail youre not sailing a LASER - everyone else has bought a real class sail, so why shouldnt YOU have to? - i love intensity sails for practice. they were designed for...
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    laser sailing near fort myers, fl

    are there any fleets in the area? cheers, mjr
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    Dealers get laser sails for $315

    yes folks, thats right, $315!!!! what do folks think about the mark-up we're paying? discuss...
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    laser custom trailer fabrication. anybody done this?

    hey there, so was looking at saving a couple bucks over a kitty hawk and picked up a cheap flatbed i want to convert. the flatbed has no sides and is exactly the width of a cross beam, and about the 8 feet long. im trying to think of a way to keep the boat rightside up for solo launching...
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    Laser sail quality and cost

    not sure what the status is, but whenever it does happen, it would be a perfect time to (like almost every other racing class) have a free market sail building policy. i dont see how it could possibly hurt sailors to have a competitive free market system, where anyone can build your sail as long...
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    autobailer leading edge not flush

    hi there, i realized that my autobailer leading edge is not flush with, or inset at all in the hull. it protrudes about 2mm... i assume this is a problem? drag? your thoughts on a fix? could i just sand the plastic down?
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    hotel room share at miami ocr?

    this is raced out of corel reef yc right? i believe the double tree is right across the street... anyway, if anyone up to 3-4 people would be up for throwin in for a hotel room either at double tree or somewhere nearby email me at
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    Too much master's coverage in the Laser Sailor?

    I recently got my fall laser sailor and noticed that a huge % of it is devoted to master's issues and results. i was wondering if anyone else out there agrees that the master's should have their own, separate magazine... to fill the empty space their could be more technical articles that talk...
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    sticky hiking strap / boots

    has anyone tried the new boots / strap that supposedly adhere to eachother and make hiking easier? thoughts? comments?