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  1. beachygirl

    Decision/Search is over !!

    So....... it has been a kiddie roller coaster in making a decision. I was set to buy a new boat .. I went on a country wide hunt for the 60th addition sail. Found one. Thought I was set to go.. took a last look on line before I made the plunge ... angels all around. I found not only the...
  2. beachygirl

    60th anniversary edition sails ??

    Does anyone know if they are still selling these sails? I really would like to have one...Thanks in advance!
  3. beachygirl

    2019 Sunfish vs older ones?

    I am new to sailing and have been looking into buying a boat. I explored different options. I decided on a sunfish. I went to see a new sunfish at a "dealership" , I was told they no longer make the hull with foam due to it holding on to water. Now they have airbags and self bailing. I also...
  4. beachygirl

    for beginners

    looking for advice...I have never sailed but had interest for a long time. I signed up for sailing lessons, they start in about two weeks. I started looking at small sailboats. My first thought was a sunfish 14'. I then came across a hobie holder 14' in mint condition, literally. I really like...