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  1. mixmkr

    Improve old boat or upgrade?

    I learned a awhile back that a "race ready" boat does as much for the mindset as does any perceived performance enhancement. Getting first to the line in a faster boat, knowing your boat is at its peak comparatively, will influence your tactics. However, most of us know, a better tack or two...
  2. mixmkr

    1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Repairs

    I agree...the fact the the shopvac always pulls full power, is basically a huge, unadvertised aspect. little Dewalt orbital, like yours I think, works like a champ. I bought two, so I'd never be stranded on the job, but the first one still going strong. At about $60 for the Dewalt...
  3. mixmkr

    1965 Alcort Sunfish WAVE Repairs

    I was the "dust deputy" this thread. I 've sanded about 50 boats now...27-42 ft, prepping for bottom paint, using the "dust deputy"....and have yet to clean out/dump the ShopVac. (Over the last 3 seasons). I've emptied the dust deputy pail more than several times now however...
  4. mixmkr

    hull repair help

    I'd heard it was closer to 12.7 %... ;-)
  5. mixmkr

    Rudder on hold

    Or....a powerboater towing you out???....which won't help coming back home!:-)
  6. mixmkr

    Rudder on hold

    And yes...position the boat so it so it won't drift to port tack, with the boom sweeping you off the deck.
  7. mixmkr

    Rudder on hold

    Also..ive found leaving the mast up and then just raising the sails should only take a couple of seconds. Let the mainsheet run free...with a stopper knot...and forget the rudder. After 5-10 seconds raising the sail, scurry back into the cockpit and resume course and sail/trim as needed. Try...
  8. mixmkr

    Rudder on hold

    No other launch areas available? Paddling into the wind could be tough. Experienced sailors could sail out if it was downwind it looks tight to tack especially with traffic and between the piers.
  9. mixmkr

    Wet suit advice

    I have a full 3mil fits good but is fairly restrictive....not so much for swimming. Wish I had sleeveless or shortys
  10. mixmkr

    Looking for safety tips for sailing all alone

    I stick mine in a Ziploc Inside a waterproof bag for phones.
  11. mixmkr

    Curious mounting holes in the deck

    Probably one of the funniest posts I've read lately. Crack me up Mr Wind
  12. mixmkr

    tinting the gel coat

    Matching gel color is by far the hardest part of a repair. What may look good on initial application, may be a horrid match after final buffing. Feathering edges doesn't apply either, unless a clear coat is a final layer. Also what matches today with any gelcoat older than 5 years old, may not...
  13. mixmkr

    My improved dagger board and rudder

    I made my daggerboard longer in hopes of being able to point higher and less sideways slipage. My launch is often at the end of a cove, with the prevailing winds usually blowing staight out the mouth. Tacking angles of 45+ degrees getting home, make one late for delicious suppers. I usually try...
  14. mixmkr

    My improved dagger board and rudder

    I'll be eager to hear more about the db. I extended a Barrington board by about 14 inches, sanded it more into a foil shape and glassed the final result. A little more effort yanking it out when beaching, and I could find the bottom easier. Didn't really notice an improvement.
  15. mixmkr

    Class Legal Sail Clips

    Cheapie ties work too. Spectra isn't really needed in my opinion. A short section of cheap stuff isn't going to have noticeable my opinion again.
  16. mixmkr

    Transporting a Sunfish home

    If not more. You don't see it?
  17. mixmkr

    Transporting a Sunfish home

    I see a hole in the trunk
  18. mixmkr

    Transporting a Sunfish home

    Your "spotter" in the car behind you, probably would tell you, should that happen. :-) Seriously, questions of thus nature seems Uhaul or similar is by far the safest. A sunfish launching out of a vehicle at highway speeds, doesn't sound like fun.
  19. mixmkr

    Adding cleat on mast for halyard

    And a proper cleat hitch too. :-)
  20. mixmkr

    1975 Sunfish Drain Plug

    Make your sandwich bread!