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  1. NE Sunfish

    2006 Worlds?

    Is the venue change "Official"? Is this event going to be hosted in SC and exactly when is it?
  2. NE Sunfish

    New England Regionals...

    The dates for the two New England Regionals have been set. Barrington YC June 3-4 Wequaquet YC July 22-23 I hope that we can avoid any conflicts, most particularly with New York and the Mid Atlantic as those are the two regions New Englanders would be most likely to visit.
  3. NE Sunfish


    Welcome to "The Board Room". My hope is that we all get used to checking in at least once a week, if not more often, and that by doing so we can engage in valuable conversation about all that is going on in our class. Please remember that this is just a "Discussion" forum not a formal...
  4. NE Sunfish

    Deck Cover For Sale

    I have a brand new Storm Deck Cover for sale ($95) I also have a brand new Storm Blade Bag for sale ($50) If you are interested email me at I will ship these items as long as you are willing to cover the cost.