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  1. SFBayLaser

    Eight Bells Jeff Martin

    As people will have seen from the post on the ILCA website: Eight Bells – Jeff Martin, it is with profound sadness that we report on the passing of Jeff Martin. I don't know anyone who was more passionate about Laser than Jeff, which is evidenced by his total devotion to the class since very...
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    How To Get In Shape For Laser Sailing

    Use this to tow your trailer to to and from the regatta site:
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    Zim Assumes LP's Role as Sponsor of US Sailing Events

    See this press release. This means the Byte CII will replace the Radial at the US Sailing Singlehanded Championship and will also be used at the Junior Champs.
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    CYC testing new OTW judges for ILCA

    This should be highly effective at preventing any sort of action which might lead to capsize:
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    Laser sailors have good fortune!

    Those of you sailing 10+ years ago may well remember Greg Skidmore as he campaigned for the Olympics, back in the day. Here is a little news story on how things are going for him now... Congratulations!
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    2011 Elvstrom Regatta and District 24 Championship April 16-17

    The 2011 Elvstrom Regatta, and District 24 Championship for Standard, Radial and 4.7 rigs, is now less than two weeks away! This year's event will be huge as it may be the only regatta on the City Front before this Summer's 4.7 and Master Worlds (there **might** be a NOOD regatta and it...
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    District 24 Championship - Elvstrom Regatta April 16-17

    The 36th annual Elvstrom Regatta, the District 24 Championship, will be held April 16-17 at the St Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. While this is always a fantastic event to attend, especially in the Spring when the winds can really be strong, this year holds added attraction for those...
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    2011 Rule Changes - NOT Fundamental Rule

    This thread is intended to discuss the five proposed changes to the Class Rules regarding sailing of Lasers and is NOT intended for discussion of the Fundamental Rule. Please see the other thread for that! This is the direct link to the other rule changes. Download a copy here.
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    2011 Laser Master Worlds - Application for entry process ends Tuesday, March 15!

    The Application for Entry process for the 2011 Laser Master Worlds, to be sailed in San Francisco from August 5-12, closes tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15! If you have not applied for entry yet and are thinking/planning to attend this event then you need to go to the ILCA website and get signed up...
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    200,000 Lasers and Counting!

    In the Fall of this past year the Laser Class Office in England issued the first set of plaques with sail numbers over 200,000! In addition, I believe the first boats with sail numbers above this milestone have shipped and may already be sailing. 200,000 Lasers built since 1971 is certainly...
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    2011 4.7 and Master Worlds Preview

    For those planning to attend the 2011 4.7 or Master Worlds in San Francisco next Summer, you can watch the Finn Gold Cup racing this week to start getting an idea of what it might be like. The Finns are launching from Steve's Marina, as will the Lasers, which is conveniently located on the...
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    Win the Master Worlds, meet the President!

    Well... ok, maybe not exactly... it might not hurt to also be on the team that won the America's Cup... Anyway, if you look closely you can see District 7's and 2009 Masters' World Champion Scott Ferguson standing in the second row right behind Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts. Hmmm...
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    Are foils made of Ozonlynium superior to others?

    Several recent threads on The Laserforum have commented on the new GRP foils currently available in the Australia and New Zealand markets (Performance Sailcraft Australia's market region). These comments spark the question of just how superior foils made of ozonlynium (rhymes with ozone-linium...
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    2009 St Francis Yacht Club Fall Dinghy Regatta

    Don't forget, the St Francis Yacht Club's Fall Dinghy Regatta is THIS weekend - October 24-25! Don't let that rain outside fool you, its not yet Winter and the National Weather Service promises a return to our standard Fall weather by the middle of the week! So plan to get your boat out on the...
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    2009 National Senior Games

    The 2009 National Senior Games will be held August 1-15 hosted by and at Stanford University near Palo Alto, California. This year, for the first time, sailing is being included as a demonstration sport. To compete in this event you must be 50 or older by...
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    Proposed rule changes for 2009

    The proposed Laser Class rule changes for 2009, along with a paper ballot, are presented in the March issue of Laser World on page 5. You can view a copy online at ILCA's Issuu site, or download a pdf copy. I'll post the link to the online ballot as soon as I find it...
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    2009 Midwinters East

    Racing at the 2009 Midwinters East is underway and you can find links to relevant info (including live on the water updates) at the ILCA-NA website. (Posted by hand since the TLF rss feed pickup from appears to be broken - most likely falllout from the recent software change at...
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    2008 Laser Slalom

    The Laser Slalom is going on now and is great fun to watch. Indescribable, really, and as much fun for the competitors to watch as it is to sail in! Results through Day 2 are posted at the St Francis Yacht Club web site, tomorrow (Wednesday) is the final day. Patrick Goodman, from West Coast...
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    2008 Master's North Americans in the Columbia River Gorge

    Bill Symes has just posted this reminder about the impending early entry deadline for the upcoming Master's NA's! Hey slackers, If you're thinking about racing in CGOD (Aug. 2-3), Gorge Blowout (Aug. 14), or Laser Masters NAs (Aug. 15-17), then sign up by this Friday if you want to save...
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    2008 Laser/Radial/4.7 Pacific Coast Championship

    The PCC's this year are in Monterey, the Friday-Sunday (August 1-3) following the North Americans in San Francisco. Monterey is a quite well known tourist destination (the acquarium, Pebble Beach and Carmel being the main attractions) but it is also a beautiful place to sail, with a relatively...