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  1. Jonva

    New sail

    I took my new red white and blue Intensity sail out for a maiden voyage yesterday. I, too had a Ratsey & Lapthorn sail that appears to have been with my boat since its birth in about 1972 (still a mystery since there are no numbers on the transom and where the Alcort badge goes on the older...
  2. Jonva

    North Americans pictures - link enclosed

    It looks like the "Jens Rig" which is a way to de-power the sunfish rig in heavy air. I've never used it but here's a video about it: And a brief quote describing it better than I can: The “Jens” rig, dubbed for its creator Jens Hookanson, is unique to the Sunfish. He devised a method...
  3. Jonva

    Replacement part for minifish drain hole? Same as sunfish?

    I'm assuming that your old metal drain is the same style that I had on my '72 fish. The new drain for the Sunfish is a bit bigger, so you'll have to widen the hole slightly. I used a dremel sanding bit in my drill (too cheap to buy a new tool). Once you've widened the hole enough, drill holes to...
  4. Jonva

    Help. Amateur Repair

    Take a look at this blog where they blogged their entire restoration process on a minifish. It is always a good idea to watch someone else hack up their boat before you take the drill/sawsall to it.
  5. Jonva

    Sunfish side-switching as you tack - How do you do it?

    The subject of the upwind groove was discussed in this thread from a few weeks ago: and if you search you may find more discussions from earlier. Starting I haven't seen recently but a search of this forum...
  6. Jonva

    Sunfish side-switching as you tack - How do you do it?

    I think that we should thank Duckfat for coming up with a humorous and detailed description of the typical "under-thought" tack.
  7. Jonva

    Can this hull be saved?

    I wrecked my '78 Sunfish last summer with the same sort of mast step failure. I am planning to repair it but haven't found the time and bought a '73 sunfish in OK shape so I can get out on the water this summer. It sounds like he came out with less damage than I did. My mast tube was also broken...
  8. Jonva


    It is a durable boat that is simple to rig and sail but I find its usefulness to be very limited. It is relatively slow and has fairly poor upwind performance, too. My sister has one and this past summer (because this is the kind of younger brother I am) I was literally able to sail circles...
  9. Jonva

    Minifish sail

    There are a couple of options out there. Torresen is a good source for sunfish parts and I'm very happy with the sunfish cover I got from Slo Sail and Canvas, so hopefully they'll be a good source (with a logo to boot!) Kevane seems to be the bargain option and I think I've seen some positive...
  10. Jonva

    Bow Handle Repair

    Believe it or not I did manage to get a layer of gelcoat onto the bow and finish off this project and get the boat back to my sister before the summer started. It just took me four months to post any photos. I'm not 100% happy with the looks. It doesn't match and is also a bit splotchy, so I...
  11. Jonva

    Mast step cracks in base and tube repair question

    Pat 75, there are three things that I think would be worth doing to reinforce your mast step: 1) Fill the gap in the bottom of the mast step with resin and chopped cloth so the bottom of the step is flat and doesn't have that divot in the bottom. I think it is part of the design in some model...
  12. Jonva

    Sunfish Refurbish Project gone wrong

    Yes it does. On my sister's 1981 I left at least one screw in the wood )somewhere) just in case the backer block had an urge to drop down to the bottom of the hull.
  13. Jonva

    funny/scary sunfish related incidents

    These are some good stories here. Apparently you can submit your Sunfish stories on the Sunfish FB page to enter a contest to win a new boat:!/pages/Sunfish/128512110556705?sk=app_95936962634
  14. Jonva

    Sunfish turned Super Porpoise

    This thread might help: And I found this on Tag's blog: Hopefully they'll get you headed in the right direction.
  15. Jonva

    mast step and through hull bolt?

    Yikes, that is one scary "fix" done by the previous owner. As minifish2 said you need to fill in those holes and get a mast step disk. You might consider filling it with something with more strenghening power like chopped up fiberglass mixed with resin. You'll hear more advice from other posters...
  16. Jonva

    Bow Handle Repair

    As I noted in the paint versus gelcoat thread, I apparently got a bad batch of gelcoat. I managed to slather some of the cottage cheese substance on most of the areas. The area for this repair is the worst and I think I'm going to remove it and try again. I was more successful covering some bare...
  17. Jonva

    Bow Handle Repair

    I added filler and sanded things down to clean things up.
  18. Jonva

    Paint or Gel coat?

    I just had my first spin with gelcoat and have to agree with the "tricky-to-work-with" issue. No matter how little hardener I added, the whole batch would turn into cottage cheese. That was a major drag from start to finish.
  19. Jonva

    what's a fair price to ask....

    Like torrid said... (and I own an M).
  20. Jonva

    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    Sailboats don't smell like half-burned fuel and I don't have to complain about how much I spent on gas at the end of a fun weekend.