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    New to Lasers (but not to sailing), looking for some tips & advice

    Some brief thoughts: I'm 76 kg and sail a Radial but used to be 72. You are probably OK on Radial. !5 knots I'm comfortable, to 20 can sail but am slow. Keep learning. Laser is not easy to sail. Unlike 125 and Cherub there are no chines so, despite what all say, keep some centreboard down...
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    Laser boom gooseneck plug hole keeps widening why?

    Is the vang key the older "straight" model or the newer "kinked" type. The straight type has always looked inefficient to me. On my boat I have both there but use the kinked and ans save the straight for emergencies. Steve and Alex
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    full package

    I bought a boat with three rigs and donated 4.7 to YC Steve
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    Intro / newb questions - Billygoat

    If you are in Ballarat why not wander along to Ballarat YC. They are nice people who will give advice and help Steve/Alex
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    Starting: shooting up to defend hole

    I still can't find a rule outside of which backing would be illegal. Maybe rule 22.3... a boat moving backing a sail shall keep clear... (Slingsby at the London Olympics in last race???)
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    New boom blocks

    I know it's tricky, but I would think about through bolting with washers and a good bit of anti galvanic gunk stuff. Cheaper than a new boom. Steve and Alex
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    Another way to check seams is to cover breather hole and with boat upside down cover seams with shaving soap mixed with water. Pump in air (not much) and check for bubbles. As it happens, I've never made this work. On the other hand we did finally discover the small but persistent leak in my...
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    Closed starting line

    Further to Alan's comment and with respect to a finish line, our club finish is effectively 'closed' in that SI state that it cannot be crossed save on first beat or finishing. The finish is between the Club house and a mark off shore and the time keeper tells me she would prefer that it was...
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    Re-Gelcoating entire deck

    I reckon painting or re-gelcoating adds weight so might consider living with what you have. My tuppence worth Steve
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    Carbon filler - pin hole worn through

    As a Sunday Sailor I'd love to b e given the odd cast off carbon tiller If so I'd chuck a bit of fibreglass in and re-drill the hole Steve
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    I sailed a masters event a few years back with one sailor a severe Diabetic. His Laser came with, and my memory lapses, either a unit that reported to shore that he had stopped moving and required rescue, or a unit that reported blood sugar to shore. Seemed to me to be a great idea to allow all...
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    Did he, or didn't he? World Cup Laser medal race

    I am unsure, what with telephotos and such, but I would suggest that what appears to be a touch of the mark is actually a pull on the mainsheet as he prepares to gybe Steve and Alex from Indented Head
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    Dimension of this part...

    24 mm on the one I measured out of our spares box Steve - Indented Head YC
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    Securing boat from theft

    If you are really concerned: which is more important? The boat or the concert? Should you drop one? Steve & Alex from Indented Head
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    Newbie question on rigging/launching

    Unlike Ian I have seen some one lift the entire pre-rigged rig into the boat I covered my wife's eyes and took her home Steve
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    Newbie question on rigging/launching

    Lifting the entire rig from the ground to the boat defeats me, so I go for first pref Steve
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    Listening to music on the water

    On a good day I sing Gilbert & Sullivan Steve
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    Help finding a spare part

    Hi Joel No problems Steve & Alex
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    Help finding a spare part

    Hi Joe Cost us nothing (came with other stuff) therefore no cost Let us have an address and we will post Steve & Alex
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    Help finding a spare part

    If you get really, really, really desperate I have one in my box of bits which is of little use to me But I'd think about updating and replacing with a screw type fitting Steve & Alex Indented Head - Victoria - Australia