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    Rudder/Tiller for older Sunfish

    I have a rudder/ tiller and all the brass hardware necessary to restore your older model Sunfish. Please call 231-838-2344 for photos or more information. Will consider best offer. Thank you.
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    Sunfish Rudder and Hardware- old style

    I took these parts off a boat that I purchased because I don't need them. They look to be in good condition. The rudder does need to be refinished at some point. I will also consider the best offer.
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    Sunfish Rudder and Hardware- old style

    I have all the parts except for the wing nut. I would like $300.00 for all, and will send photos. Email me at I will consider all offers.
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    Mast bent

    I rolled my sunfish this weekend and I was stuck in the mud. We had to be towed out to deeper water and when we returned we saw that the mast is bent slightly at he bast. Is there a good way to fix this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Old style rudder and hardware

    I have a pre 1968 rudder and hardware for a sunfish sailboat. They are in good condition and I could send photos. I will take the best offer. If you have a gudgeon and backer plate for the new style, we could work in a trade. I also need a little pin for the rudder pin and another c type...