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  1. EastCoaster19

    FLORIDA Laser Rite-On Road Trailer, travel solo with your boat

    This is the awesome (!) used, Laser Rite-On road trailer. This is super cool because it enables you to travel and launch your laser by yourself, you don't need to find a second person to lift your laser on/off your car; you can take this off the trailer, and put it back on, on your own! It's...
  2. EastCoaster19

    2005 Laser for Sale

    Hi David, absolutely! Where are you located? What would you like to know?
  3. EastCoaster19

    MASSACHUSETTS 2005 Laser for Sale

    2005 Laser for Sale Great condition, reconditioned $3300 Hull, Blades, Spars, Radial and full rig, Blade Bag, Cover, Updated vang and lines, Practice full rig sail, Dolly, with wide beach tires
  4. EastCoaster19

    2009 Laser 196279 Southern Nh $5000

    hi. is this still for sale? can i look at it tomorrow morning (Dec 24th)? i live nearby. splendidboat at gmail dot com
  5. EastCoaster19

    2001 Laser (race ready), Includes full rig and radial rig

    are you still selling this? i may be interested.
  6. EastCoaster19

    New Vang Upgrade Wanted

    Have one of the new vangs that you're willing sell? Connect with me.
  7. EastCoaster19

    Rigging Basics: How To?

    Wow, that first photo really helped. I couldn't quite understand how a straight hook like these clew hooks could keep the sail from coming loose. Now I get it (I think) -- you need the clew strap to keep the sail attached to the boom, while the clew hook just pulls the sail taut laterally. Thanks!
  8. EastCoaster19

    Rigging Basics: How To?

    Thanks! I will try this.
  9. EastCoaster19

    Rigging Basics: How To?

    Hi. I just got my first laser -- woohoo! I'm in the process of trying to rig the boat in my backyard. For reference, I've found this great how-to (; however, I'm having difficulty figuring out how what to do with the outhaul. The used rig I...