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    Who is the Laser Sailor in today's News?

    Reuters photo of The Endevour on Botany Bay with Laser in the foreground. 167041?
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    Traveler fairlead

    My original equipment aluminum fairleads are starting to lose paint after 8 years of light to moderate winds on small lakes. Is it time to: a. get new fairleads to go with the my new sail b. get over the paint loss c. get a new Laser ?
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    Mark II Standard Sail

    Is the new sail designed to use the same amount of vang the current sail?
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    Pool Noodle Mark

    I've been using the Pool Noodle Mark idea for a few years. On inland lakes, you can even go cheaper by also using links of chain for the anchor as well as the counterbalance.
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    Possible reason why another class has been successful

    From the Lightning Class website: What is perhaps unusual in the boat is that the designers, Sparkman and Stevens, gave the Class association not only rights, but ownership of the design and the name. All royalties for many of the boat’s components, including the hull, mast, and sails go to...
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    Membership Renewal

    Just got my renewal in the mail. I wish there was a box to check for: Release the new sail and settle up with Bruce and then get back to me.
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    I have a lightly used 7 year old Laser which now gets a couple teaspoons worth of water in it after sailing for a few hours. Its always been bone dry previously. Where are the most suspect areas to look for a leak.
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    Force 5

    New fleet in NC looking for more Force 5's to continue building fleet.
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    I case you wondered if the speed of Laser sailors was noticed, warnings are now posted

    We may need to mandate eye protection.
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    1991 Laser

    Stiff hull in excellent condition for its age. My son used it about 4 times in 6 years. Blades and blade bag are like new. Upgraded vang, cunningham and outhaul, also used about 4 times. Garaged stored. Fresh water sailed.
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    Sailing World

    This months issue is another that makes me wonder why I subscribe. Is there a sailing periodical out there that caters to smaller boats and one design classes? Would there be sufficient interest if one was published?
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    Daggerboard stop removal

    I'm wanting to remove my daggerboard stop before I paint the board. Is it designed to do that and then put it back on later or should I just tape it?
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    Hull weight

    I'm considering getting into Sunfish at the Masters level and getting a newer boat. It has been decades. When did the weight change from 130 pounds to 120 pounds or am I mistaken? Are the 120 pound boats less durable and more likely to "oilcan" with time?
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    Paint for foils

    I'm reviving a couple of older boards for older boats. One of them has a fiberglass repair. I'll be using I'm thinking about spray primer and spray enamel appliance paint and some sanding on the areas where the white surface is worn off. How effective will that be?
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    Favorite eBooks

    Received some gift cards for Christmas. What are your favorite eBooks out there?
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    One Design ?

    This is a quote from the APS site. "Laser Performance now offers three rigging levels for each of the boats in the Laser line; they are now available in either the Laser Race, and Laser XD. " What is the difference?
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    Mast base

    My mast base came off and the cork was destroyed. What should I do about replacing the cork?
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    Twist Off

    I put a leech tail on my sail today for the first time. It was 5 mph and below. No matter what I tried, I could not get the tail to flow away from the sail upwind. How do you get the upper part of the sail to twist off a little in a drifter? Where should the leech tail be placed?
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    Laser Class Fiasco

    I've tried reading up on the LP/Maclaren mess today for the first time, so please forgive if this has been addressed already. What would it take for the Class to change its name, keep the boat with a new name and choose a builder or two to build the boats?
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    What sailboat is this?

    Found in garage while on vacation...previous owners have passed on. Present owners would love to know what it is called.