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  1. Alan Glos

    NEW YORK Sunfish Parts and Gear for Sale

    Annual Summer Sunfish Parts and Gear Sale Photos show an abundance of Sunfish parts and gear, new and vintage, for your Sunfish repair and restoration projects. Many items are new, old stock, still in the bag. Rare bronze and brass items, and several new, old style rudder attachment toggle...
  2. Alan Glos

    NEW YORK Sunfish Rudder Upgrade/Retrofit Kit for Sale

    For sale is a kit of all the parts necessary to upgrade your pre-1972 Sunfish rudder system (with the bronze hardware) to the "new style" post-1972 spring loaded system. The kit consists of: a refurbished rudder and tiller, a stainless steel external gudgeon bracket, an internal aluminum...
  3. Alan Glos

    Repairing plastic rudder cheek

    The first generation of Sunfish plastic rudder cheeks were prone to cracking on the right angle area where the thin sides meet the thicker base. I have two such units with identical cracks. Is there any way to repair them or are they just junk? I have tried JB Weld two part epoxy mender but...
  4. Alan Glos

    Sunfish Hull Autopsy

    Warning! The following post contains text and images that may be disturbing to some Sunfish aficionados. Viewer discretion is advised. Autopsy results. A deceased, Sunfish sailboat, hull number AMF32630M751 (hereafter referred to as M751) was examined on 8/13/13 to determine cause of...
  5. Alan Glos

    Sunfish Race Daggerboard for Sale

    Sunfish synthetic race daggerboard for sale. Minor tip damage repaired with thickened WEST epoxy and entire board repainted and wet sanded to race grade quality. $140 + shipping. E-mail me directly at:
  6. Alan Glos

    Sunfish/Sailfish Parts and Gear for Sale

    Collection of Sunfish Sailboat Parts and Gear For Sale [Refer to photos below] **Bronze Goosenecks (to attach lower boom to mast) 3 available. - $38 + Shipping **DePersia cast aluminum automatic cockpit bailers. Complete assemblies with stopper ball, gaskets and screw-in plug. 3...
  7. Alan Glos

    Sunfish/Sailfish Rudders and Daggerboards for Sale

    Wood Sunfish and Sailfish Rudders and Daggerboards For Sale **New Style Rudder. Fits 1972 and newer Sunfish with the stainless steel "U" bracket on the transom: New, handcrafted (by me) from African mahogany Double doweled for added strength and finished with four coats of Interlux premium...
  8. Alan Glos

    Can this hull be saved?

    A friend has a mid-1980s Sunfish. Last fall he was sailing it in heavy air when the mast step failed. The mast and rig fell aft and the deck around the mast hole cracked, but the mast tube appears to be intact. I do boat repairs and he asked me to look at it. I told him that I could install...
  9. Alan Glos

    El Cheapo "Project Sail" for sale

    I have a class legal Red-White-Blue Sunfish sail for sale. I have repaired several torn grommets with sail repair cloth and a brass grommet kit, but the main problem is a cracked window that was obviously a retrofit. The window needs to be replaced with clear material or even matching cloth...
  10. Alan Glos

    Used Sunfish Sail For Sale

    Class-legal blue and white panel Sunfish sail for sale. Overall good condition with no major rips or repairs. Has several small holes repaired with professional grade sail repair fabric both sides. All grommets sound. Fresh water use only. Has sail numbers that can be easily removed if you don't...
  11. Alan Glos

    Trailex Trailer Retrofit for the Sunfish

    I have always wanted to own a Trailex trailer for my Sunfish as I like the light weight and soft ride, but the cost was always out of my budget. Then last summer I bought a Sunfish that came on a nearly new Trailex trailer. I ended up reselling the boat but kept the trailer. However, I was not...
  12. Alan Glos

    An inexpensive tiller extension

    I needed a tiller extension for an Aqua Finn (Sunfish clone) but I didn't want to spend too much $$. I ended up with a 30" section of 7/8" outsider diameter PVC pipe and the hammered in a 5/8" hardwood dowel to give it a little more stiffness. Then I cemented on two end caps, and attached it to...
  13. Alan Glos

    Sailfish mast specs.

    A) Is the standard Sailfish aluminum mast the same diameter as the stock Sunfish mast? B) How much shorter is the standard Sailfish mast than the Sunfish mast? Alan Glos
  14. Alan Glos

    Used Sunfish Sail For Sale

    Used, class legal Sunfish sail for sale. Overall good condition. Not a racer but decent aerodynamic shape. R-W-B panels. All grommets good. Fresh water use only. Has several very small holes (less than 1/4" dia.) repaired with professional grade sail repair tape both sides. Has race...
  15. Alan Glos

    Sunfish Covers For Sale

    Two fitted Collie Sailmakers Sunfish hull covers for sale, blue and grey heavy duty canvass with shock cords. Lightly used, excellent condition. Both cover are road worthy for high speed trailing or car topping and/or the top cover would double as a mast-down mooring cover. Each cover has the...
  16. Alan Glos

    Vanguard Sunfish For Sale - Like New

    2003 Sunfish For Sale - Like new, used under 10 times Hull: 2003 Vanguard, Hull I.D. Number: OQT37741E303. White underbody and deck with green deck stripes. Overall excellent condition with no damage or repairs. Light and stiff. Hiking strap and Harken mainsheet ratchet block Spars...
  17. Alan Glos

    Sunfish Class Legal North Race Sail

    Genuine North Sunfish Class Legal Race Sail for Sale. Excellent/Like new condition. Sailed two times. Flow yarns attached. Sail numbers "77802" attached but easily removed if you plan to renumber the sail. $390 + shipping. Compare to $462 + tax and shipping from the 2011 Annapolis Performance...
  18. Alan Glos

    Sunfish Hardware Trivia Contest

    Here is a little mid-winter Sunfish trivia contest. The part shown in the attached photo is a genuine Sunfish fitting. It is cast bronze. What is it? The first correct answer gets bragging rights - sorry no prize. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  19. Alan Glos

    Preview of coming attractions - Wood rudder blades for sale

    I am finishing up building three new style, post-1972 wood rudder blades, and they will be for sale as soon as the last coat of Interlux varnish dries. They are handcrafted (by me) from African mahogany. One will be a complete rudder/tiller assembly with class legal hardware and a white ash...
  20. Alan Glos

    Book for Sale: Second Wind by Nathaniel Philbrick

    A great holiday gift for any serious Sunfish sailor. Second Wind is about Nataniel Philbrick's return to Sunfish racing after an absence of 15 years. Nataniel was a Sunfish North American champ back in the day, and then devoted all of his time to family and his nautical writing endeavors...