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    and the sail came tumbling down

    Had trouble keeping my sail up yesterday. Factory method of attachment of halyard to upper spar is a clove hitch next to some wraps of electrical tape which acts as both marker and to prevent sliding. The tape was getting old in the way that electrical tape does and started to "creep" as did...
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    need sunfish spar

    Had an accident! I notice new spars go for $140... looking for something used?
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    Drying hulls

    Drying two hulls. Went all out on one and bought a 6" tubeaxial duct booster fan for one. Then as I was taking a microwave to the trash place, I noticed the perfectly sized fan on the inside and so pulled it apart and have that on the second hull. Covered in black plastic to hopefully absorb...
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    Recommend the slide show in this New York Times article about some quite awesome US America Cup machines: Thirty Knots, With the Wind at Your Wings I wonder how mcuh lighter a sunfish could be made using carbon fiber?
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    replica plastic daggerboard

    Wonder if anyone has bought and used Intensity Sails replica plastic daggerboard? Is it same construction and weight as manufacturer version?