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  1. sblanck

    Craigslist folks

    So I am selling my Starfish (sunfish clone) sailboat. I have my ad on CL and this guy contacted. Wants me to meet an hour away. Talks a big game of how wealthy he is but makes all sort so excuses as to why he can't pay cash. He has sent me his address, name, phone so on so forth about how...
  2. sblanck

    When is it time to call it quits?

    I haven't gone sailing since September of 2017. I have a sunfish clone a starfish. Sits in the garage on a trailer. I just dont think I want to go anymore. Wife wants me to just keep the boat, but I see storage space I could use for other things.
  3. sblanck


    Greetings, I did a search but didnt yield the results I was hoping for. I was curious what kind of shoes most of you wore to go sailing in. Being in Texas our lakes our mostly nasty clay, or shoe sucking muck. I rarely if ever get to just step from dock to boat to get in. I usually have to get...
  4. sblanck

    What wood?

    Greetings, What wood is typically used for tiller handles and blades? Thanks S
  5. sblanck

    Sail and blade bags

    Greetings, My wife is going to make bags for my sails, spars and blades. I was looking at the bag for the rudder blade and I am curious what folks do with their tiller handle? Do you unbolt it to place it in the bag? Thanks
  6. sblanck


    Greetings, Went sailing yesterday and for the first time I noticed my butt was sore. I looked at the sailing shorts, WOW on pricing for those bad boys. I ran across this stuff when googling padding: Swim Platform Pad Sheet Material – SeaDek Marine Products Anyone try something like this, looks...
  7. sblanck

    Naming the boat

    How many of you name your boat? I have had my boat about 2 years now and I still haven't named it.
  8. sblanck

    Window in sail

    My wife sewed in my new Sailrite window kit today.
  9. sblanck

    Starfish owners

    Greetings, Curious if I am the only Starfish owner here lurking about. Looking to connect to other owners if there are any. Thanks Sean
  10. sblanck

    Port sizes

    Greetings, What size ports are people installing when doing a hiking strap or in general? West marine sells 4" and 6". Thanks Sean
  11. sblanck

    Concerns and question

    Ok so I don't have a clue as how to open this plug. Its a Starfish sailboat. [/IMG] [/IMG] Next item is should I be concerned with this crack in the bottom of my mast step? Thanks
  12. sblanck

    Window in sail

    Anyone here ever sew or have a window sewn into their sail? Thanks
  13. sblanck

    Craigslist luck

    Just searched CL on a lark and found a guy with a Starfish sail for sale. I asked if he would swap me for a sunfish sail. He agreed and now I have the sail and spars that go with my Starfish sailboat. Very excited to take the boat out on the lake.
  14. sblanck

    Using a utility trailer

    Greetings. When I bought my starfish last summer I built a couple of cradles to carry the boat. They bolt on using locking wing nuts. The cradles are 2x6 studs glued and screwed together and covered with outdoor carpet. Now I can off load the boat in the garage when I need to use the trailer...
  15. sblanck

    Correct gooseneck

    So I picked up a Starfish sailboat last summer with a Sunfish sail. Had it out couple of times and now reading the forum and learning about the rig I noticed my goose neck isnt snug on the lower boom. I checked and the fastening screw is as tight as it will go. So now I dont know if i have...
  16. sblanck

    My DIY dolly

    Had some bike tires from a kids bike and some left over 2x lumber. Bought some flat plate steel and threw this together:
  17. sblanck

    Sunfish sailing off the Texas coast

    Anyone here sail off of any of the Texas state parks or other RV beach parks off the Texas coast? I have always done all my sailing on the Texas lakes. Do you have a state park or RV park that was nice and didnt hassle you about using the boat dolly to get to the beach? Thanks
  18. sblanck

    Bailer on a Starfish

    Hello, Anyone know what size bailer would work on a starfish hull? Also going to install a hiking strap to it. I am guessing or hoping this clone is constructed similar on the inside as a sunfish. Anyone on here have a starfish they have added the items? Thanks
  19. sblanck

    Minifish; novelty or legitimate?

    I picked up a minifish last summer. I bought it because this guy was looking to get rid of the two boats he had. I don't really need the minifish but seems no one else is interested in it either when I have listed it.
  20. sblanck


    So I picked up and old Sailfish boat and it doesn't have a bailer in it. Should I install one? Is it simple to do? I own tools and have done a variety of projects in the past of different types.