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    MINNESOTA Laser Clew Sleeve

    Regularly sell for $55 selling for $30 plus shipping. (807) 577-2109
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    Main sheet length

    I know they recommend 44' but that seems to me way too long.Interested to hear the length some other guys are racing with?
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    Harken boom and traveler blocks

    Nice to have or significant improvement to original blocks?
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    Laser Vang Swivel

    want to update my old vang to a 6:1 purchase.I need a swivel to do this.As I recall there was an expensive Super Vang Swivel but also know there is a more economical RWO version.Does anyone know where I can purchase the RWO version?
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    New Composite Top Section

    Any word on what the cost is,also shipping it is going to be an issue if you don,t live close to a Laser Dealer.
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    Seitech Hiking Strap

    Seiteck hiking strap in good shape for sale.$20 plus shipping.
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    Strange noise

    last couple of days out sailing have heard a loud pinging type noise.Sailing in big waves in cold water.Only occurred a couple of times in two days.Used two different top sections,so it is not that. Almost sounded like the time I broke my vang tang.Checked every thing over and everything appears...
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    Through bolted my Blocks

    want to exchange my Blocks that have been through bolted,wondering how to get old ones off and still use the through bolts. Unfortunatly I cut the bolt off flush with nut.
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    Mast Wear Strips

    Looking for input on wether or not they are worth putting on ( again).Had some on before and they really did not seem to reduce the wear on my Mast Step.Maybe they just need to be replaced?
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    Mast Step Wear?

    Any suggestions on what to do to tidy up mast step wear.I already use the mast wear strips on my mast,and I regularly wax the mast step and mast base.Also spray with Mclube. Just looking for ideas on how to make it look a little nicer.
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    Repair Hull?

    Need suggestions on repairing this Hull?
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    Hairline crack on trailing edge of centerboard?

    Small hairline crack on Centerboard trailing edge,need suggestions for repair?
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    New Sails

    Need a new Sail for my Laser.Wondering if and when they are coming out with the new design Laser Sail?
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    Thru Bolting Blocks?

    Before. I do this ,just curious what to do if a Block breaks after it is Thru Bolted.How would you remove it to replace?
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    Thru bolting blocks

    Need rivet size and bolt size to thru bolt my blocks to the boom?
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    New Traveler Blocks

    What is the review on the new harken traveller blocks? Are they more durable then the original ones? Nice to have or a nessecary upgrade?
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    Sail set Question

    Quite often when going upwind in 10-14 knts of wind my lower leeward telltale will stall while my upper ones are still streaming nice. What adjustment can I make so my upper and lower telltales are breaking at the same time?
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    Lower Traveller Block

    Busted mine out sailing last night.No big issue ,just curious if anyone else has broken one.This is a first for me in 25+ years of sailing the Laser.Also this was on my newer boat 2007.
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    Tiller extension

    I am going to try and extend my Carbon Tiller extension by sleeving two Carbon Tubes together.The one piece has 1" O.D. the other has 3/4" O.D. any sugestions on how to would be appreciated .
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    New sail and mast

    I am not a big supporter of the new Mylar Radial cut sail and carbon someone who races there boat 2-3times a year I cannot justify spending extra dollars to upgrade in order to race. Better solution for myself is just reduce the price of the dacron sail.