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    Sailing in Charleston, SC

    You may not want to drive this far but if you don't find anything in Charleston, I have family in Beaufort and I could tell you a few sites there.
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    Rudder, Daggerboard, 2 practice sails

    Do you mean fiberglass/gel has been patched? I see skuff marks in the photo but hard to tell.
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    Rudder, Daggerboard, 2 practice sails

    What will you take for the daggerboard? This is for a 1980 Laser. I'm considering a new one from Intensity Sails for $180. What is estimated shipping to Indiana?
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    What about the rudder foil? See this picture of a Laser kit...
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    1999 Laser Radial for sale in Midwest- $2200

    Probably not since it's been over two years.
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    Sunfish side-switching as you tack - How do you do it?

    This is a great thread... learning a lot!
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    Just read the whole ad....

    That is a great description. Let me see, sales & marketing or a creative writing professor?
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    'Heaving to' in a Sunfish

    Were they talking about the English Channel? That's over a mile deep!
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    'Heaving to' in a Sunfish

    Reading this wikipedia artcile, it doesn't seem it's possible to do this for boats with less than 2 sails? Tequila was always more likely to cause me to heave than vodka.
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    60th Anniversary Sunfish sail

    Nice design... whimsical. I scene one might see underwater when turtled! Perhaps that's why no lifejackets? ... they're so serious afterall.
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    What to wear for winter sailing?

    Am I the only one that thinks that this is a somewhat strange thread?
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    cleaning the hull

    Search is your friend:
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    Ronstan Tiller Extension ("Battlestick") - 33"

    I just measured my tiller extensions. The Ash is 24" long, the aluminum 32". Why would all of Intensity's offerings be in the 48" ballpark? Is there a real advantage to 48" long or does it just get in the way?
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    '95 Sunfish for sale- Carlyle, IL

    I think he sold it.
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    '95 Sunfish for sale- Carlyle, IL

    I'm interested in this. Please contact me at
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    Harken vs. Ronstan

    I had the spring without the plastic washer on top for a while and it was difficult for the block to swivel. Once I installed a plastic washer it worked much better. Very much necessary.
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    Sunfish Hardware Trivia Contest

    Woo hoo! Thanks for sponsoring the contest Alan! I of course have to thank other posters in steering us in the correct direction regarding wooden boats, especially since my fishes are all fiberglass (well other than some rudders and daggerboards). Anway, please send a prize of wetsuit or...
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    Sunfish Hardware Trivia Contest

    Connects two coaming pieces on a wood sunfish?
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    wet suit or dry suit?

    Do you wear both? If so, what air & water temps do you stick exclusively with drysuit?