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    My Wooden Sunfish Restoration

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted much on here before, but I wanted to share some pictures and detail about my recently restored wooden sunfish. I got lucky enough to find a wooden sunfish when I was 14, long before I knew how rare or cool they really were. I found it at the Chesapeake Bay...
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    Wooden Sunfish Rubrail

    Anyone know what wooden sunfish had for rubrails (or if they had them at all)? Mine has a rubrail that feels like a piece of molding, and it needs replacing. Any thoughts? -Mark
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    Original Sailfish Sail

    Any idea how much a 65 square foot Sailfish sail is worth? I got one by accident when I meant to buy one for my Sailfish MKII. It's all white with the sailfish logo.
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    Wooden Sailfish in New Hampshire

    Saw this on Craigslist and thought i'd pass it on... Alcort sailfish