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  1. imported_Andy

    Transporting a Sunfish on its side.

    I wondered if anyone has thoughts about the wisdom of transporting a Sunfish on its' side? I'm thinking of taking one of my boats to Florida this winter, but because I have some other stuff to take, I'm taking my cargo trailer. To get the boat to fit, I'd have to prop it on edge in the trailer...
  2. imported_Andy

    Sail Sale

    Not sure if anyone already posted this, but Intensity Sails has their red, white, and blue race cut sail (with window) on sale for $99.99. I've used one for about a year and a half, and would recommend it for practice, club racing, or at that price, just as a recreational sail....
  3. imported_Andy

    Unique 1963 Mahogany Sunfish

    One of a kind 1963 Sunfish in excellent condition (Sail #973) Comes with (Harbor Freight) trailer.. almost new. Was used and raced for about the first twenty years of its' life, but then stored inside for almost the last thirty years. Topside and bottom is original finish (with layers of varnish...
  4. imported_Andy

    Selling my 1963 Sunfish

    Sadly the time has come to sell my old Sunfish. I would appreciate any input as to what is a fair price, and the best way to sell it . Through the years, I have had many 'offers', but I'm not really sure how serious they are when it comes to actually buying it. It was built in 1963 - 64, and...
  5. imported_Andy

    NOR for Cat-Rigged Regatta (Central PA)

    Note... this is a fun event with everything from inexperienced sailors to some very competitive racers. Sunfish are almost always the most popular boat. If you ever wanted to give a regatta a try, this would be a good one! NOTICE OF RACE The Cat-Rigged Regatta June 28, 2014 Hosted by Lake...
  6. imported_Andy

    Bow guard?

    We just got done with our annual sailing camp, and its now time to repair the bows of several boats. We got to thinking that someone must make some kind of guard for the bow of a Sunfish that can protect it a bit. Any suggestions of where we could get some, or how to make them?
  7. imported_Andy

    1963 Wooden Sunfish

    Finally got my old Sunfish on the water... this it's first time out in about thirty years!
  8. imported_Andy

    Older Sunfish with stickers to remove

    This has probably been covered before, but I'm working on cleaning up our 2nd Sunfish, and the person I bought it from put stickers over almost ALL of the hull (although fortunately none topsides) They've been there quite a while and I can't get rid of the outline (of the stickers) I've...