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    Laser full rig mark 2 sail needed

    Unless you are racing in sanctioned Laser Class races why not try an Intensity MK2 sail? Now on sale for $149 plus shipping. Comes with the new type battens. I have one and it's great. Our local fleet actually encourages their use to keep costs down and put everyone on an equal footing.
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    Does your mast stick straight up?

    The Capri is designed so that the only purpose of the forestay is to hold the mast up when the jib is down. Rig tension is controlled by the jib halyard, just like FJ's and 420's.
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    Does your mast stick straight up?

    Study the North tuning guide. It might not be exactly correct for your sails, but it will put you in the ball park.
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    2002 Vanguard Sunfish

    If you are trying to sail without a tiller extension I can see why you would prefer kayaking.:eek:
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    Alternative Mast Flotation device question

    Check out the Intensity Sails anti turtle mast float for the c420. I use them for our junior class in c420s and it is almost impossible to turtle when used. No modifications are needed and it is pretty light.
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    New 2017 Performance Laser with new aluminum trailer

    That "galvanized" trailer looks like aluminum to me.
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    Battens in MK2 Full Rig

    Intensity Sails recommends taping the ends of the battens on their MK 2 practice sail. Not sure how the taping should be done.
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    Draft stripes

    Because if you are OCS in a pack of boats it's easy to pick out the one with draft stripes. For that reason in many competitive classes ( I also sail a Thistle) most boats are white so they don't stand out on the starting line.
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    Draft stripes

    Not a real good idea on the starting line.
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    Best way to take sheet and tiller extension with you when tacking

    Yep, I teach sailing/racing at a small club that should remain nameless, half of my students (victims) have learned to face backwards and steer frying pan from there parents. It's hard to break to habit, but it's the only way to sail most classes.