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  1. aaron

    Replacing the block of wood for the forward pulley

    The problemis I'd kind of like to keep it orignal, and I was wondering if you could replace it like you do the stern blockes of wood. Like I did earlier drill out the pop rivets, take off the trill, then use a razor blade to open it up.
  2. aaron

    Replacing the block of wood for the forward pulley

    Hello! Just wonder the easest way to replace the block of wood that holds the halyard pulley. Mine has seemed to rott over 40 years.
  3. aaron

    Sunfish Stuff

    Is dagger board H a pre 71 dagger board? is so how much do you want for it?
  4. aaron

    Sail installation?

    And what knot should I use?
  5. aaron

    Sail installation?

    Will nylon work? specifically 550 cord?
  6. aaron

    Sail installation?

    Hi I am installing a new sail and was wondering how and what to use for the corners? Since I no s hook I can't use that. any suggestions.
  7. aaron

    Cleaning Brass

    Try some salt and vinger mixture. Maybe use the brillo pad with the mix soaked in it.
  8. aaron

    Making The Deck Look Like A Factory Sunfish.

    Any other tricks or products.
  9. aaron

    Making The Deck Look Like A Factory Sunfish.

    I have seen many videos of older sunfish having a almost brand new look. How is possible and how involved is it? Also the hair line cracks in the deck, will they be repaired in the process? if not how can I repair them?
  10. aaron

    How To Anchor A Sunfish?

    Why not attach to the bow handle, then again to far away to cut loose?
  11. aaron

    Rear block?

    I'am a bitt new so what type of harken is it? Also can it be used as a block?
  12. aaron

    New Sail for Xmas! Color schemes?

    Thanks, but how do I do that? Also how should I clean it?
  13. aaron

    New Sail for Xmas! Color schemes?

    I have to agree that is definatly a northeren beach. On a different note I got a sail for Chistmas and I was wondering does it always have a, don't know how to put, plastic like feel. or does it break in after a while.
  14. aaron

    Hull drying without inspection port

    I have no ispection port only the drain port. How would I dry out the hull with out installing a insection port.
  15. aaron

    SAILFISH Daggerboard and Rudder

    Do you still have them? If so how will you ship and what do you want for them?
  16. aaron

    in need of a pre 71 dagger board

    in need of a pre 71 dagger board
  17. aaron

    Saltwater Sunfish

    Are there any other ploblems with using it in saltwater. If so let me know. Also is there a dependable place I can get a dagger board for apre 71 SF.
  18. aaron

    Saltwater Sunfish

    Thanks, that will save me a buck later. I plan to sail in Maine when we go on vacation.
  19. aaron

    Saltwater Sunfish

    I've heard some of you talking about saltwater sunfish. Now the question I have is that a saltwater grade of parts put on them or is it a whole other variaty? If that is a grade of parts that where can I get them?
  20. aaron

    Pre-1972 Sunfish deck hardware set for sale

    thanks, is Herb on hear that we can talk?