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    Old Sunfish Video.

    This video is a classic:
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    PVC pipe sail tube dimensions?

    I just did a search and could not find the exact dimensions for the pvc pipe sail tube. I know the tube needs to be 8" in diameter to fit everything, but what is the length? Does it need to be 14 feet or 15 feet? If it's 15 feet, I don't think it will fit our trailer. Thanks.
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    How do you get rid of scuff marks?

    Okay, now that I have the boat turned over, I can see that the light blue hull has these white scuff marks all over the bottom. How do I get rid of these? Is there a way to buff them out? I want to wash and wax this hull, so what products do you all use? I also noticed a slight crack in...
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    Hello, new here with a new Sunfish.

    We just purchased a 1986 Sunfish yesterday. Originally we thought we would start out on a Hobie 16, but then decided that since we are new to sailing the Sunfish seemed to be the best candidate for us to learn on. Used Sunfish sailboats are difficult to come by, and when this one appeared for...