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    Boat Paint Fiasco

    So the priming/fairing/glass/etc portion of the bottom paint job went flawlessly. I got to the part where I'm painting with Epifanes topside paint and pretty much it all went wrong. Thought it might be interesting to see what not to do, since we only ever see jobs going well here. 1) My...
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    Rear block?

    Was watching this youtube video and saw that he has a block on the bridle instead of just a trigger shackle. Is there any real benefit to this?
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    She's in the garage, upside down and ready...

    I'm talking about my '76 fish. The hull is solic but has two 1/4" holes one on each side. I've sanded out the holes and will be doing some epoxy and glass work to fill those in and fair them. My real question has to do with paint and hull prep. I have spider cracks in the gelcoat pretty much...
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    Awww Yeah! Sunfish rebuild parts spree

    That should just about do her for hardware. Restoring a '76 Sunfish. Now on to paint. I'm tying the sails on with line instead of shower curtain rings (don't trust them, even for casual). I ordered the second tiller ext mount for my keelboat. I couldn't tell if those strapeyes are three to...
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    New Sail for Xmas! Color schemes?

    Am restoring a '76 Sunfish. What's your favorite Sunfish sail color scheme? I'm trying to avoid white because here in Oklahoma the red clay stains white really bad. I'd like to purchase the color scheme if possible, so "During the carter administration they made this one sail.." isn't helpful...
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    Dolphin trailer restore before & after

    Love my little Dolphin. Thought I'd show off the trailer restore. Here she is at purchase early this summer. Boat and trailer found for $400 cash in Okc, OK. Here is the album with notes of the after restore This is a 1969 Dolphin 13'...