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  1. aaron

    Replacing the block of wood for the forward pulley

    Hello! Just wonder the easest way to replace the block of wood that holds the halyard pulley. Mine has seemed to rott over 40 years.
  2. aaron

    Sail installation?

    Hi I am installing a new sail and was wondering how and what to use for the corners? Since I no s hook I can't use that. any suggestions.
  3. aaron

    Making The Deck Look Like A Factory Sunfish.

    I have seen many videos of older sunfish having a almost brand new look. How is possible and how involved is it? Also the hair line cracks in the deck, will they be repaired in the process? if not how can I repair them?
  4. aaron

    Hull drying without inspection port

    I have no ispection port only the drain port. How would I dry out the hull with out installing a insection port.
  5. aaron

    Saltwater Sunfish

    I've heard some of you talking about saltwater sunfish. Now the question I have is that a saltwater grade of parts put on them or is it a whole other variaty? If that is a grade of parts that where can I get them?
  6. aaron

    Harken mainsheet cam cleat for pre 71s

    I resently jioned this forum, and have a tidbit on this cam cleat. If you have a pre 71 sunfish this part is a pain. I bought it for my 70 sunfish, but the hole that exist in the deck do not line up. So if you are considering this part you might want to get a mechinist to remake the plate that...