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    Statistics of committment

    I note that I am closing in on sailing my Laser 1,000 times. As of today, it's 950, and if my increasing desire to use it continues, I should hit the 1,000 mark by the beginning of next year. Since I bought the boat in 1982, I know those numbers don't boil down to a great many per week or...
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    Trailex SUT 220

    There's probably already a forum thread on this but I don't see it. How's this trailer for keeping Laser sailors happy? Trailex SUT 220
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    Battens in MK2 Full Rig

    I'm really liking the shape of this new sail. But I recall hearing someplace that you should "tape the battens" to reduce wear on the sail pockets... I know one end of the battens is thinner and tapered, but can anyone give me more detail on how this taping should be done?
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    Laser Rudder design

    It had nothing to do with Bruce Kirby's comments, however after disliking the stock rudder for many years, here's the one I designed and have been using and liking very much since about 1998. I don't race.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    - to all Laser sailors! From me here at Tomales Bay, CA. Fair winds, too....
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    Head First

    - I found a laugh in some old slide film captures. Some days when it's barely a breeze on Tomales Bay I tie the tiller amindships and let the main all the way out. Pointed downwind, you can crawl up to the bow and sit, steering by leaning the boat. In this case I had my camera on the mast...
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    Laser clothes gear?

    My 35+ year old Laser Hoodie is getting threadbare.... does anyone know a source for stuff like this?
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    Downwind Practice turns

    - chilly day on Tomales bay, and a good time to work on keeping the boat moving through the gybes. (1981 Laser, 2006 sail - I have newer sails, but glad I used the beater this time as my last gybe of the day resulted in a complete turtle capsize and mast stuck in nasty mud!)
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    Intensity "Square Head" sail

    I know racers and those who wish to stay class-legal probably aren't using them, but I have one. Been using it for a year now - mostly when it's not blowing 20 or more and like the shape and "feel" of more power. Any other sailors have feedback on this sail?
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    A Laser Day, nearly 18 years ago

    (I just ran across this old account of a pretty sporty day on Tomales Bay. Kind of long..... but I'm happy to report I still sail my Laser there. Maybe a bit more conservatively) Too Much Fun (almost) - TomalesBay, Northern California. February, 2000 Our little Laser-buddy group...
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    Early Laser days

    I'm about to take a three week vacation, and will be missing my Laser on Tomales Bay, CA. I just ran across this old memory from when I was pretty new in the boat (about 30 years ago, and I confess I'm still "learning.") Levels of Laser Sailing Level One: When it is just windy enough to...
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    Merry Christmas, Laser sailors

    - and may we all stay mostly upright in 2017.
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    Radial or 4.7 experience in big wind?

    I am just about 68 years old. I weigh 182 lbs, and have been sailing my Laser for 34 years, mostly in pretty breezy conditions on Tomales Bay, CA. I don't race at all. Lately I have been loving the new square-head Intensity sail for less windy days, and the Standard rig for most of the...
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    A Good Day on Tomales Bay

    Nothing too radical, but this Saturday was a nice one for connecting the jibes in my 34-year old Laser. Glad I noticed the traveler line was frayed to near breaking BEFORE I launched. No one else was out to enjoy it, but so glad I went. Love this boat!
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    Tomales Bay California

    Spring wind report (late April, this was....) Dennis O.