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    Nexus Compass

    Nexus compass on deck plate, like new never mounted
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    2004 laser pro

    Great 2004 laser pro with standard and radial sails. Kitty Hawk trailer, storm top cover and lots of extras!
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    2004 pro/w Kitty hawk trailer

    Beautiful Laser with full and radial sail. Blade bag, sail bag, race compass, wind meter, shoes, acme fatso, gloves. This is a great package
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    2004 Pro laser/Kitty Hawk trailer

    Beautiful laser with turq bottom. Full sail. top cover, blade bag
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    76 laser for sale

    Nice 76 laser for sale with upgrades. 1,100 with trailer 950.00 without Pic's on request
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    Pictures of your boat

    how about people post pictures of your boats, inside outside, repair before after, year, etc.. I know there is a video section for pics but it is very helpful to see before and after pictures of repairs. If the repair looks good we then would know who to ask for advice. I'll post mine if you...
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    Rooster cover

    Has anyone used a rooster deck cover? Just wondered if they were any good. I really don't want to pay over 200 dollars for a cover.
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    stepmast/ispection port

    Ok finally got brave and cut hole for inspection port here are some pictures of what I found. The plastic parts I'm assumming were the old floatation shells (76 boat). The mast has pinhole leaks in it which you cannot see. What you can see is a crack on the doughnut. Qusestion should I just...
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    Picture of laser inspection port

    I am going to try to install an inspection port so I can fix a leaking mast step. Can someone post pictures of their inspection port so I can figure out best placement before I cut any holes. Also there are some inspection ports with screws and some without, is there any difference? Since the...
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    3.8 sail

    Is a 3.8 a radial sail?
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    Sail rolling or folding?

    Thought I would start the great debate since everyone is probably actively sailing right now. When storing sail at the end of the day is it better to roll or fold and why?
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    Sticky stuff on sail

    I know that this has been discussed in the past but wondering if anybody has heard of new ideas before I start. I have a sail that someone put a big X on with duct tape to identify for race because of lack of numbers. I am about to attempt to remove and am almost sure there will be sticky...
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    sunfish vs laser

    If you could buy a 2000 sunfish vs an 87 laser for about the same money which would you do and why? The sunfish is in alittle better shape obviously because of age but the laser has plenty of life left ie.. can still be raced.
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    Boat weight

    Ok I know that the catalog weight of a boat is 130 lbs but what is the gneral range of most peeps boats?
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    3 inspection ports

    Looking at an 82 with 3 inspection ports and was told by someone that races that this boat could not be raced because of them is this true?
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    Noise when turning laser over?

    I'm looking at a boat to buy. The boat has been stored upside down all the time Iv'e been told. When we turned it upright heard some noise. The guy said that this was normal and that that was the floatation devices in the hull. Is that right? Also the boat has no more shine on the bottom...
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    learning on a race rigged boat

    Is it possiable for a newbie to learn on a race rigged boat?
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    Raced rigged sunfish

    Could a newbie learn to sail on a race rigged boat?
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    Chipping on front of boat

    Is this an easy repair?