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    Adhesive for reattaching sail numbers

    I've done a search but have come up with nothing, so can anyone suggest an adhesive to reattach sail numbers to a sail? Thanks
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    Slow going

    Sitting here, listening to the rain on the porch roof, looking at the Sunfish still sitting on the trailer. Brought it up to the bay on Monday and have not got it in the water yet. Tuesday was whitecaps and rain, not a good day as water temp is still cold (high 50's, low 60's?). Not ready for...
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    Where has the summer and water gone?

    At the biginning of the summer I had an additional 8" block at each side of the end of the skid holding my Sunfish. Now, the water line is about 12' behind the end of the skid. Lowest levels in a long time on Lake Ontario
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    America's Cup

    Any thoughts on the finals of the LV Cup? Did Luna Rossa become to conservative after beating BMW? I thought Luna could have used the committee boat better ( as a pick) on the start of race 4 (or was it 3) when she drove NZ to the right above the line but circled down under the line letting...
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    Gearing up

    As the boats in the north start being readied for the season has anyone else found that the little projects have turned into more than you expected. Want to share your stories of getting the boat ready? In my case, it was the trailer. One of the tires had gone flat during the winter. As I...