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    Women's Gill Dinghy Smock--thoughts?

    I'm looking into finally getting a piece of foul weather gear since I'm not in FL anymore! I'm looking at the Gill 4340, which apparantly is the '07 model, and also the 4350, which is new for '08. I'm not a big fan of the rhinestones, but looks aside, I'm wondering if the neck functions...
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    Sailing in Switzerland?

    Does anyone have advice on where/how to get some small boat sailing done on Lake Geneva or nearby Vaud? We'll be visiting for 4 days and would love to rent a boat and enjoy the scenery from the water. I did check out a Swiss Sailing website I found and e-mailed the head guy, but no...
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    How about a Vanguard 15?

    This is a great double-handed boat. It's extremely fast and fun to sail. E-mail me for more info/pics( Located in Central FL.
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    Any Lasers in FL?

    I sure am having a heck of a time finding a used Laser in FL. Any ideas out there(besides, teamvaguard, newspapers)?
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    Willing to travel anywhere within FL for a decent boat. Looking for anything you have! Please let me know at