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  1. Lasersailor166131

    How do you fix a soft hull?

    I would repeat my previous idea, put in an inspection port and then you can find out where there is something structarly at fault with the boat. The ribs that run on each side of the cockpit on the underside of the hull can break. As can the central rib that runs down the center of the hull. It...
  2. Lasersailor166131

    How do you fix a soft hull?

    Most lasers get somewhat soft over time with little to no problems. The boat would have to be very bad before it makes a large difference. I raced a very soft yellow laser for 2 years and it never really slowed me down. If the boat doesn't leak it should be fine. Unless the rib like pieces on...
  3. Lasersailor166131

    District 13 Fleets

    There is a ton of junior sailing in D13, big teams in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and St. Petersburg. There is a good series in Miami 1 weekend a month and everyone is invited. We had a 30 boat radial fleet two weeks ago. Look up BBYRA racing.
  4. Lasersailor166131

    LPE introduced new ARC-1 and ARC-2 rigs!

    The development of these is not something new. A couple of south florida sailors were invited to sail them in Miami where the video was filmed. This was sometime in October or November of last year.
  5. Lasersailor166131

    Take notes while sailing?

    I used to do this, a piece of waterproof paper taped to the deck and a pencil in your lifejacket.
  6. Lasersailor166131

    Laser Pico: better with, or without jib?

    To be honest it doesn't do much, but if you are sailing with another person it gives them something to do. The boat sails just fine without it. As far as mods I have no idea?
  7. Lasersailor166131

    Laser Repairing

    Don't use silicone it will never come off if you ever have to reseal the bailer. 5200 is ok but is hard to remove. If you can find something called marine sealant that is the stuff.
  8. Lasersailor166131

    Updates SOLD items not reported

    That would work. If it wasn't sold you could just repost it.
  9. Lasersailor166131

    How to get into Laser Racing?

    If you are going to most of your sailing in Georgia I would probably stick to a radial. Much easier to find a boat and most of the Georgia venues are light anyway. But you are on the small side for the boat.
  10. Lasersailor166131

    How to get into Laser Racing?

    I don't know how ready you will be for bigger regattas but we have many here in south florida. The D13s are in Florida YC which is in Jacksonville. 2019 Laser District 13 Championships : The Florida Yacht Club here is the event website it should be somewhere around a 60ish boat regatta. Just...
  11. Lasersailor166131

    Zhik 360 Grip II boot? Poor quality - yes this is Laser related

    I disagree. I am one of the top US junior and sailed for about 6 months with a Zhik II strap and normal zhik boots with no issues. When the normal boots got worn out I got a pair of boots with the grip and they work fine.
  12. Lasersailor166131

    Radial Sail and Bottom Mast Section

    It would be $100 and it is well used. But I wouldn’t be able to ship it until the beginning of August.
  13. Lasersailor166131

    Plenty of Lasers out there...

    We had a similar thing for our high school national champs here in the US. LP supplied 40 of these with McLaren decals.
  14. Lasersailor166131

    EurILCA recommends 'NO' on the 'Name Change' rule change

    This is stupid. Europe doesn’t experience the supply problems that ILCA rule change might be able to solve.
  15. Lasersailor166131

    I heard this trick when storing a Laser

    Not a bad idea. I have always had the habit of just putting an inspection port in my boats. Then you can do the same thing with a fan much easier.
  16. Lasersailor166131

    Laser Top Sections and other Spars For Sale

    I have a class legal one that has numbers/ it is pretty well used $100 or a Intesity Sails non class legal sail that is in pretty good shape for $40
  17. Lasersailor166131

    Laser Top Sections and other Spars For Sale

    Sorry don't have a lower section for sale. But I have a radial sail?
  18. Lasersailor166131

    Old v new upper Mast

    It is a good bit stiffer but doesn't seem to make anyone faster. The peace of mind about not breaking an upper in nice. I would say it just makes the rig feel different, not really better or worse.
  19. Lasersailor166131

    Why won't my Laser point as high as other boats?

    When I say "lack of height" I mean not being able to point high. You can only hike so hard. If you drop about a foot of mainsheet when you begin to heel over in a puff, then the boat will regrip and go forward.