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  1. Alan Glos

    Class Legal Sail Clips

    Yes, cable ties, zip ties as shown in tag's photo, Any decent hardware store stocks them, They were originally designed to tidy up electrical wire bundles (hence "cable" ties) but people use them or all kinds of unrelated purposes. just like duct tape. Alan Glos
  2. Alan Glos

    Sunfish Parts and Gear for Sale

    Bill, I do not. Check with Craig Ohara: Alan Glos
  3. Alan Glos

    Restoring Sunfish - what year is this??

    This tiller is from a pre-1972 Sunfish but just by looking at the tiller, you can't determine the exact year of the hull. Also, somewhere alone the way, somebody sawed off a few inches of the inboard end of the tiller, A factory issued tiller of this vintage should be 42" length overall and...
  4. Alan Glos

    Transporting a Sunfish home

    Car-topping a Sunfish is always possible, but a pain in the stern if you have to do it often. I bought my current 2010 race boat in the Florida Panhandle and then drove it though Northern Florida and then home to Upstate NY, 1000+ miles. The verhicle was a VW Golf Sportwagon with a stock roof...
  5. Alan Glos

    Trailer, maybe also a dolly

    HF used to sell a nice boat trailer for up a 15' boat., Maybe they don't sell them anymore. Alan Glos
  6. Alan Glos

    Trailer, maybe also a dolly

    Consider a Harbor Freight store trailer. With their usual 20% off coupons, you can often get one for about $300. Two of my friends have them and like them. Alan Glos Cazenvoia, NY
  7. Alan Glos

    Sunfish Parts and Gear for Sale

    Alex, I have used masts in good condition, $65, you pick up in Cazenovia, NY as shipping is usually in the $200 range. When you say "rudder pin" are you referring to the aluminum spring post that the ruddder side springs attach to or the pintle that attaches the rudder to the fitting on...
  8. Alan Glos

    LaserPerformance Sunfish Parts: Poor Consistency

    Shameless commerce alert: I and others here on the Forum have used, original equipment boom end caps for sale if comparable new parts are inferior. For the record, I have bought things at Sunfish Direct and have not had any problems. Annapolis Performance Sailing ( going out of...
  9. Alan Glos

    Sunfish mast needed

    I have good, freshwater only, used Sunfish masts for $65, you pick up in Cazenovia, NY, a little south of Syracuse. E-mail me at if you are interested. Also have boom sets with hardware and most other items of Sunfish gear. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  10. Alan Glos

    Sunfish Parts and Gear for Sale

    Tim, The sail shown in the photo has sold for $265, but I just acquired a Class legal North Sailmakers Blue and White panel sail, no window. It is new, never used but it suffered two mouse holes in the blue panels that have been repaired with Bainbridge sail repair tape. Asking $195...
  11. Alan Glos

    1975 Sunfish Drain Plug

    Serpant, I do have one brass pressfit (no set pins) deck bailer with brass screw in cap for $10 + shipping (see photo in this string, above.) If you want one, e-mail your address to me: and i will figure the postage and reply with a total. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  12. Alan Glos

    2008 LP Racing Sunfish - PRICE DROP

    Vestaviascott, Send me an e-mail to: and I will reply with a photo of the Barrington mahogany daggerboard. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  13. Alan Glos

    1950s I think Sailfish.

    Duh! Guess I didn't read the first post very carefully, i.e. "Sailfish" not "Sunfish." Obviously my comments referred to a Sunfish. I have no clue about Sailfish serial numbers and the age of hulls, but 1950s is a good guess. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  14. Alan Glos

    2008 LP Racing Sunfish - PRICE DROP

    All noted. You got the Sunfish deal of the summer. Comments: All the parts you have ordered are fine. I like the ratchet block/cockpit lip cleat rig and have it on my '85 "beach banger," see attached photo. I dub this the "Tag rig" after Tag here on the Forum. I can sell you a very nice...
  15. Alan Glos

    1950s I think Sailfish.

    Passingthru, Based on the 27404 serial number, your Sunfish was born in 1960. These were pretty good boats, a little heavier than today's birth weight, but well built. In the words of Indiana Jones, "It's not the years but the mileage." Hull weight is important. Weigh the boat on its...
  16. Alan Glos

    2008 LP Racing Sunfish - PRICE DROP

    What Sunfish parts are you looking for? I am pretty well stocked with used and NOS (new, old stock) Sunfish parts and gear, and I travel to Birmingham each January to visit relatives and could deliver oversized items (spars, trim) at no extra charge. You can contact me directly at...
  17. Alan Glos

    A sail is not a sail...

    tag is spot on. One other caveat. The LP sails will have a "Sunfish" logo on the sail. The intensity sails no longer have the logos (they used to.) I don't know if this is important to you. Also I think the Intensity sail goes for less than $199. Get a window whatever you do. Avoid the...
  18. Alan Glos

    Looking for Bicentennial Sunfish

    Hoe about this one? Sailboat, Alcort Sunfish, 1976 Oneonta NY is near Cooperstown. It looks to be in pretty good shape. I might be able to survey it for you. Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  19. Alan Glos

    Splitting the deck on a newer hull

    So it's a 1995 Sunfish Laser International (SLI). They were pretty good boats, but this one has had a hard life. If she were a horse, you would say that she was 'road hard and put up wet.' Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY
  20. Alan Glos

    Splitting the deck on a newer hull

    Just curious, who made this hull? I am guessing it is a Pearson hull and the hull ID number on the transom will start with "PSB..." Alan Glos Cazenovia, NY