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  1. mikescott

    Old man beginner

    I have had an on and off again Laser sailing affair going on for about 6-7 years. I am now a Grand Master and have my current boat set up as a Radial. I have owned it for 3 years and only sailed it 3 times. Rigging is for the most part up to current standards. The reasons for not sailing it...
  2. mikescott

    Training center for oldsters

    I bought a laser radial last winter and have only sailed it a few times. I would like to race it a bit, but am reticent to do so based on ................well never having raced. I was thinking about going to the Cabaret Laser Center next winter and then starting to race after that. I am...
  3. mikescott

    Upgrade Lower Vang Block

    Looking to buy a lower Vang Block for the upgraded package. Either Holt or Harken. Please email Thanks, Mike
  4. mikescott

    Best Laser Book-Opinions that I have decided to give the Laser another try, what is the best book to read first. My plans are to go out and sail a bunch of times to get the feel for the boat and then to do some low key (and I do mean low key) occasional races before deciding on how to proceed beyond...
  5. mikescott

    Too Old to Start "Lasering"

    I know this has probably been beat to death here before, but..................... OK here is my situation. I am 62. I bought a Laser several years ago after a long layoff from sailing. went out in the dead of winter (Pacific Northwest) poorly rigged the first couple of times and spent most...
  6. mikescott

    Regular Laser or Radial

    I know this has been beat to death here many times, but I need some advice. I owned a regular Laser a couple of years ago and often felt like I may have been a little light for it. I weigh 165 lbs and just recently turned 60. I am in good physical condition, but don't seem to be quite as...
  7. mikescott

    Laser Wanted District 6

    Looking for a used Laser and trailer (if possible). Prefer newer boat that is stiff and has upgraded rigging package. Color is not important. email me at Thanks
  8. mikescott

    2005 Laser Pro in Seattle Area

    Nearly new 2005 Laser Pro with Kitty Hawk Trailer. Sailed 3 times. Extras include unused additional sail, top cover, foil bag, wind indicator, etc. Send email to or call in the evening (253 631 4460). $5,500. Thanks for looking
  9. mikescott

    2005 Laser Pro For Sale - Dist 6

    2005 Laser Pro-sailed less than 2.5 hours. Includes 2 sails (one un-used), foil bag, APS top cover, Kitty Hawk Trailer-essentially all new. $5000 Firm. Contact Mike Scott at Would consider delivery in Puget Sound area.
  10. mikescott

    Hiking Bench Use

    I built a hiking bench the other day-man, what a torture rack! Seeing as how I am 1) old 2) out of shape in the core and 3) new to the Laser, I have started out by doing 3 sets of 30 seconds with a 15 second rest between (straight leg-totally horizontal to the floor). Plan on adding time to...
  11. mikescott

    Late model Laser wanted Pacific Nortwest

    Looking to buy late model Laser in the Pacific Northwest. Would prefer one with trailer, but not essential. Have new one on order but it has been 6 weeks and I am willing to forfeit my down payment to insure I at least get a boat. Please send e mail to:
  12. mikescott

    Newbie after age 50

    How practical is it for someone who is fairly fit to try to learn how to sail the Laser with the goal of being a mid pack racer? Current age 57, male, weight 170lbs. Thanks, I appreciate your comments. Mike