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    Capri Classic Regatta

    Westlake Yacht Club invites C14.2 sailors to the first annual Westlake Capri Classic Regatta. A one day event Sunday October 16. For information contact Bob Amenta at: 818 706 9217 or
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    Started sailing a Laser a few weeks ago. At 69 I am a pretty old dog to start learning new tricks! Of course "time in the boat" is the key (not to mention fitness) but I have also been trying to read as much as I can about Laser specific sailing. So far I have read John R. Anderson & Steve...
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    Main Sheet Control

    I have a stop knot at maximum boom extension and tie the tail to aft end of the hiking strap. After a few tacks I still have a lot fouled/tangled main sheet tail in the cockpit. Sometimes it wraps my feet and/or the base of the ratchet block! What is the best way to keep the tail semi orderly? RRE