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  1. phish133

    Neoport wetsuit combo / size 3XL (never used)

    Unused Neosport top and unused bottoms, size 3XL (look at Wetsuit Warehouse website for sizing info). I believe the thickness is 1.5mm. Thin and very flexible.
  2. phish133

    Sunfish Worlds now open to non-qualifiers

    Huh? Now you have to use a sail provided by Laserperformance with their advertising, put it on your spars, then return it after the Worlds? How is that a good thing for the sailors? Seems like a lot of extra work ...
  3. phish133

    2005 Sunfish & 2 boat custom trailer with Seitech frame

    Location : Fort Myers , Florida Can be delivered to 2013 Int'l. Masters (Tampa) or Midwinters (Sarasota).
  4. phish133

    2005 Sunfish & 2 boat custom trailer with Seitech frame

    Pristine 2005 Worlds boat with all racing equipment & lines. Excellent condition with flawless hull and interior. Always garaged. Plastic boards with Carbon Fiber tiller extension and carry case that holds both(see photo). Inspection Port with red storage bag (see photo) Lightly used North...
  5. phish133

    Seitech Parts // Delays obtaining?

    Has anyone actually received Seitech parts from any vendor recently? I'm curious if Seitech is actually shipping any parts (not full dollys) to anyone? If so, let me know the lagtime between your order and actually receiving the part. If Seitech isn't shipping parts, then then I (and...
  6. phish133

    Seitech Parts // Delays obtaining?

    Is anyone seeing general delays getting parts for Seitech Dollys (specifically Sunfish)? I've had an order in with APS for a month for a bracket and can't get the item shipped. I'm not getting info. from APS as to why the delay, so I was curious if others are experiencing this?
  7. phish133

    Looking for Sunfish class legal parts

    Looking for any part(s) in particular?
  8. phish133

    Used Sunfish racing sail

    Please mark this item as sold. After no interest on forum, I listed it on E-Bay and in the process (bidding continues for 4 days) of being sold.
  9. phish133

    Used Sunfish racing sail

    Very good condition, no tears or holes. From 2005 worlds. $125 plus shipping from Ft. Myers, Florida 33908
  10. phish133

    ISCA & USSCA website(s) marked as malware sites

    Four days after the Worlds are over, and no "official" place to see any news about the World Championship? Nor does the SPYC (results posted) or the Sunfish Forum have any news about them. Thanks to the Unknown Master for the brief updates anyhow.
  11. phish133

    Private Sunfish at Worlds?

    I just noticed that manufacturer is not supplying boats for Worlds. When was the last time that happened? Just curious. Is current manufacturer providing other types of support for Sunfish worlds? Do they provide boats for their other class (Laser,etc... ) worlds?
  12. phish133

    Ronstan Tiller Extension ("Battlestick") - 33"

    Just an FYI, there is one for sale on E-Bay at a reasonable price.
  13. phish133

    Mahogany Daggerboard / $50 & shipping

    SOLD !!
  14. phish133

    Mahogany Daggerboard / $50 & shipping

    $50 plus shipping cost(from Ft.Myers,FL) . 7 lbs. plus packaging
  15. phish133

    NOR posted for 2012 Charlotte Harbor Regatta

    Two more weeks till this regatta. It's 80 degrees here today!!
  16. phish133

    Labor Day Regatta /Sarasota,FL
  17. phish133

    Two weeks to go till 2011 Charlotte Harbor Regatta

    Any Photo's of the event??
  18. phish133

    Two weeks to go till 2011 Charlotte Harbor Regatta

    Hey all you Florida Sunfishers. The weather should be great this weekend in Punta Gorda. Come on down and race!! See the attached link in the earlier message. Should be in the 70's this weekend !!