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  1. Slipstream

    Tiller extension - epoxy coat?

    Hi, I've got an old tiller extension cross wrapped in Kevlar fibers. Over time some of the Kevlar wrap is starting to Frey, would it work to paint some unthickened west system 105 / 205 over the top? Image attached Thanks
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    Minor repairs help

    Hi, have a few repairs I need to make, (images attached) was wondering if I could get some advice about how to go about it. This is what I was thinking of doing: Repair type 1 (collision damage): Mask all the areas around the crack Slightly open up the cracks using a file / wet and dry Clean...
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    New Sail for Big Regatta?

    Hi, Was wondering if I could get some advice about whether or not to get a new sail for a regatta that's comming up. I'm not bad but by no means world class... I was given a standard sail that looks like it's in good condition, and probably has about 8-10 regattas on it... it's dated 2006...