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  1. FreeRide

    Looking for Capri owners/sailors in the metro DC area

    Yep. I am in Fairfax, VA near the mixing bowl and sometimes sail from Pohick Bay Regional Park. I did it several times last year. This year I have mostly taken it to other places.
  2. FreeRide

    Rear hiking strap resin material

    I get some pictures and get back to you. It may be a day or two.
  3. FreeRide

    Damaged the bow loop

    Ouch is right. I do not have that either. I wonder if it was added later? Have you gotten a look at the backing plate that's on the inside? In the short term, you could put some caulk around it and be gentle when winching it onto the trailer. Also, when you're on the road I would add a line from...
  4. FreeRide

    Rear hiking strap resin material

    I replaced my hiking straps last year. It looked to me like it was just dipped in resin. Instead of mounting the strap there, I put a loop in that end and made a bridle out of scrap line that is tied to each side of the aluminum bridge. If you have a choice, use nylon webbing. The stuff I...
  5. FreeRide

    Damaged the bow loop

  6. FreeRide

    How fast does the 14.2 turtle?

    Well it felt like 2 seconds. It was probably longer before the mast was burried in the mud. It was a very rough day in all respects. However, I recommend you get out with a able-bodied crew on a nice day and practice laying it on its side and righting it. One trick I heard from my friend who...
  7. FreeRide

    How fast does the 14.2 turtle?

    Before last weekend, it had been awhile for me. Granted last weekend Free Ride only went on its side. But it took a few seconds, and I had about a second to realize I was going over and still had time to slide into the water. In that instance I was solo and got caught by a wind shift and mild...
  8. FreeRide

    Straightening a bent mast

    The boat is a great find. Congratulations! As long as the mast isn't kinked or buckled anywhere, you can probably lay it across a couple of saw-horses and bend it back to working order. Be careful to distribute the force over the entire bend. If it looks like you've created a weak spot you can...
  9. FreeRide

    Does anyone else hate their sails as much as I do?

    Yes. They are race sails. They were a few owners in the Chesapeake Bay region that tried to get class starts at the regional regattas for a while.
  10. FreeRide

    Does anyone else hate their sails as much as I do?

    I am running white dacron sail and have been happy with them with the exception of how noisy they are. They are more expensive, but have kept their crisp shape for a several years now. (My tequila sunrise sails were eaten by mice. :( )
  11. FreeRide

    What's your Capri 14.2's traveler bridle height?

    I am interested in what others have to say about the high wind configuration. I started out on boats with an adjustable backstay, so the recommended loose rig and vang-trimmed main doesn't make much sense to me. I tried the low traveler w/ knots to keep the traveler block center approach. It did...
  12. FreeRide

    Tiller handle

    Hi J, Mine has the single screw too, but the tiller is wedged in so tight that I have never been able to move it. If I had your problem, I would: A: Drill a couple holes in the box channel and screw the thing in place. or B: Drill through the box channel horizontally for a trigger pin to hold...
  13. FreeRide

    Line replacements

    Strength is not an issue, so any modern line will exceed the expectations for strength and stretchyness (It's an industry term ;-) ). The most important factor in the line thickness is the "hand" or how it feels in your hand. So, too narrow lines will make it harder to get a good grip. I...
  14. FreeRide

    Centerboard Control Blocks Needed- 1988 Capri 14.2

    I would make an effort to improve on what was there and at the same time match the mount holes. The plastic sheaves on the old blocks are sensitive to UV. I think all of them on my boat have disintegrated. Better blocks would also turn easier.
  15. FreeRide

    Should there be a gasket on the drain plug?

    I bought a pair of standard off-the-shelf dinghy 1/4 turn drain plugs. The package included two plugs with thin gaskets. It has been a while but I bet they were less that $20 for the pair. I see something similar on for less than $5 w/o the gasket. RWO 1/4 Turn Drain Plug, BUNG ONLY...
  16. FreeRide

    Weight shifting

    Disclaimer: I have no personal experience racing C14.2 single handed. But based on my experience from other boats... I think you should be as far forward as you can comfortably steer for upwind. Like between the barney post and the jib sheet blocks. You would be trying to maximize the waterline...
  17. FreeRide

    Whether to pin the rudder and what to use?

    Hi All. I have an older style rudder like this one on catalinadirect. It uses a big wing nut to hold the rudder up or down, but the rudder still comes up when there is a lot of pressure on it. I try to avoid those situations, but when it happens, it couldn't be at a worse time. There is a hole...
  18. FreeRide

    Boom vang necessary/helpful?

    Regarding the vang, I think you need it. It is the only means of keeping the boom down and managing the twist of the main when not hard on the wind. This aspect of sailing Capri 14s has been the hardest part of my learning curve, and I am still fighting with it. I am accustomed to boats with...
  19. FreeRide

    What might be the cost to replace lines on a Capri?

    I am thinking roughly $100. The halyards are 6mm on my boat. The main sheet and jib sheet are thicker for handling purposes. They'll cost the most. Make sure your new lines match the cleats. If the old lines are just ugly and not sun rotted or chewed up, you may be able to just wash them.