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    Delamination repair vs. gel coat repair

    Thanks for the advise/info. I didn't know sunfish only had one layer of fiberglass. I have been known to over-think things... Do spider cracks let in a lot of water? I guess my main concern is the boat gaining weight.
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    Delamination repair vs. gel coat repair

    Sunfish repair questions... It is my understanding that if I have circular patterns of spider cracking, then that means the hull took some blunt force and was delaminated. Delamination would mean sanding out the bad fiberglass and replacing that and repainting. If I have spider cracks...
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    Pop rivets to attach gudgeon to transom?

    Is it a good idea to attach the gudgeons to the transom with rivets? Or would it be best to install an inspection port and use bolts/ washers and nuts.
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    2003 Sunfish with Trailex Trailer

    Still available?