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    Question about hiking straps

    I have read the FAQ on how to install a hiking strap, but it wasn't really that clear. In the front of the cockpit, I plan to install it with an i-bolt through the lip of the cockpit with a backing plate (or something similar). I am confused about how to do install it in the back of the...
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    Daggerboard trunk leak

    Hey Guys, I just did a leak test on my boat and found a leak on the inside of the daggerboard trunk. It's right at the front of the slot, midway down. Right now I'm planning to put a deck port in right behind the splash guard and fix the leak from inside the hull, unless I can think of another...
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    I really need to refinish my dagger board, but I'm a little confused as to the specifics. Could anyone give me a list of the products I will need as well as an estimated cost? One of my friends suggested painting as a cheaper alternative to epoxy, but I would like to avoid that if I can.
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    Might have landed a sweet deal

    Hey Guys, I've been looking to buy a sunfish, and a friend of mine recently told me about one he'd seen for $100. I know this is a cause for extreme caution (nobody wants to get stuck with a useless sunfish), but he's a knowledgeable sailor and seems to think it's a super awesome deal...
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    Sunfish sail question

    What makes a sail "class legal"? On they sell 6 ounce dacron sails for $315 that are class legal. At this link, ( ), there is a 3.8 ounce dacron sail, supposedly class legal, that is being sold for the same price, but I know that...