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    Wanted: Full Rig & 4.7 bottom Section's and boom

    hey all, just wondering whether any of you have 2nd hand bottom sections for a full rig and 4.7 rig and also a boom? cheers rob
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    Hey All, its summer well, my description of summer is when the sailin season starts, which is tomorrow YEA :D sailing radio control boat tomorrow.
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    4.7 Sail & 4.7 Bottom Section

    Hi all, how much is a alright 2nd hand 4.7 sail & bottom section selling for in australia? I want to sell mine, so if anyone in australia is interested in buying it please reply. thanks rob
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    wanted 470

    hi all, just wondering whether any of you know anyone in australia that is looking to sell a used 470 cheap, preferably under AU$3000. thanks rob
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    Any other good websites/forums

    Hi All, what other good Laser websites or forums are there that you know of, please reply. thanks rob