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    FS: Harken Lopez Blocks

    Nova Scotia
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    FS: Harken Lopez Blocks

    Yes, still available
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    FS: Harken Lopez Blocks

    Two Harken Lopez Blocks Light Use $2o0 USD + shipping
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    J-24 Parts

    Do you have two cam cleats on a swivel base? Like this: Harken Swivel Base w/ Carbo-Cam and Bullseye
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    North Genoa Main and Spinnaker

    Hi stephan - please email me regarding the kite. Thanks - CV
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    Quantum Full Radial Spinnaker (0.75OZ)

    Quantum J/24 Full Radial Spinnaker (0.75OZ) - Blue in color 9/10 condition, used less than 10 days Asking $1000 USD + shipping
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    North Sails Slant Nose Spinnaker

    North Sails slant nose spinnaker from 2010 Three light air regattas 9.5/10 condition Asking $1,100 usd + shipping
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    Wanted: Boom

    Looking for a boom section. Anything from just the tube section to a fully rigged boom will do. Thanks! CV
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    J/24 Used Sails (main, spinnakers, genoa)

    Hi Greg, both are still available! PM me for more info. Thanks, CV
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    J24 Boom & Rudder

    Interested in the boom if it is still available. Thanks!
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    J24 boom for sale

    Hey is this boom still available?
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    J/24 Used Sails (main, spinnakers, genoa)

    Selling a few sails I have that are not being used North Sails fathead main (3 light air regattas) - SOLD North Sails spinnaker slant nose (3 light air regattas) - $1200 USD North spinnaker slant nose (4/10 from 2007) - $200 USD Victory genoa (7/10) - SOLD PM for more info.
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    WTB: North genoa

    Looking for a good deal on a gently used North genoa.
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    Wanted: Spinnaker

    Looking for a good condition used spinnaker for my J24. Prefer North or Quantum. Please let me know what you have. Thanks