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    Old racing sails

    I got around to some thinking today (never a good thing;)) and came up with the idea of using stretched-out racing sails on my SF. I figured that the shape would give me better performance than my current tired old recreational even if it was too stretched to be of any use to a racer. I don't...
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    Trailer headaches

    After crawling through the search results on "Sunfish trailer" I'm thoroughly bewildered as to waht to do with my own trailer project. I have an old trailer given to me by a family friend that was originally designed as a trailer for god-only-knows what kind of boat. The trailer is about 8 feet...
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    Broken rudder pin?

    My heavily corroded rudder spring pin snapped off last season, sending one of my kickup springs to Davey Jones' locker. I now have only one kickup spring and the broken stub of the pin hanging out of one side of my rudder. How is this pin held in the rudder and how should I replace it?
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    Trailer questions

    Hi, These are my thoughts for my SF trailer. I'm going to trailer it rightside up, using perpendicular bunks and pool noodles for bunk pads. The suspension is so rusted that I can't remove leaves, so I figured this is the best way to go; however, after lifting and dropping the trailer several...
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    Alcort Catfish

    I saw an Alcort Catfish (as my friend put it, "a double hulled sunfish on 'roids") the other day on vacation. Has anyone ever sailed one of these? I'm interested to find out more about this boat.
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    Removing Coaming

    Hi, I've had spome problems removing the coaming on my 1971. The backing hardware (what the screws screw into) on some of the screws broke loose and just spins when I try to unscrew it. I was able to get most of the "problem screws" out with a pair of pliers gripping the hardware from inside...
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    Hiking straps

    Hi, I would like to install hiking straps on two boats: one from the mid 60's and my own, a 1971. How should I do this? Are the procedures different?
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    Is there any method behind getting a Sunfish to plane? Thanks, Brian
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    Replacing trim?

    Hi all, I have a Sunfish which needs about 1' of its edging replaced. I'd really rather not replace more than that, and I'd like to stay with the original aluminum. IS there a cheaper product than the Sunfish original part? Thanks, Brian
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    Proper method for naming a boat?

    Does anyone know the proper method for naming a boat? I understand there's more to it than just sticking some vynil letters to the transom... THANKS BRIAN
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    Interesting Note

    I was looking at the Portsmouth handicaps for some Sunfish equivalents and I noticed this interesting bit. The standard Sunfish has a DPN handicap of 99.6. However, the Super Sunfish has a DPN of 100.7. I thought that the Super Sunfish was designed to sail faster with its different sail shape...
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    Removing bottom paint?

    Hi all, My Fish has a really bad coat of thick, flaky bottom paint, possibly anti-fouling, but I'm not sure. I've been trying to get it down to gelcoat to restore it, but the paint is putting up one hell of a fight. Here's what I've tried using so far to scrape it off. -Sharpened popsicle...
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    Sail Ring pliers

    I had seen threads related to these and a picture of the originals, but the picture didn't show the jaws. Here's how I made my pair. Pick up a cheap paper punch from the Dollar Tree, Staples or somewhere. Using a hacksaw, make two vertical cuts on the sides of the bottom half of the punch...
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    Sail woes.

    Hi My sail has some rust stains on it (from where? Are there any steel parts on a fish?) that I'd like to remove. I've heard that you can use wood bleach on hulls, but what about sails? I also have another sail which I washed as follows: Placed in a clean plastic garbage can with laundry...
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    Sail rings?

    Hi, I bought a 1972 Fish with the sail attached to the spars using rings. The sail is quite grungy and I need to remove it for cleaning. However, I can't get the sail rings off. 1. How do you get them off ?!? 2. How many times can you clip/unclip these things? By the way... I'm planning...
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    Inspection ports-AGAIN

    Ok, so now I know how to install the inspection ports, but where would you buy them?To my knowlege, Vanguard only makes one size (5'') and in one color (grey, bleh!) Are these sizes you refer to aftermarket?
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    How do you install the inspection ports?

    I need some good step by step on how to install an inspection port. Can anyone help?
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    WANTED: Sunfish in MA, NH, CT, RI, or VT

    Hi Im looking for a Sunfish in good to fair condition. I can give $340 or so. I dont mind any minor "fixer-uppers".