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    Thrift Store Sunfish!

    I have straightened the same rudder pin several times with no issue. It is also not hard to replace them either.
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    New hi-tech transparent rec sail under development

    I wonder if there is any change in performance.
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    Where to find a shorter Tiller

    I take it you have and older sunfish with aluminum trim. You might want to look into padded sailing pants. You also want to be sitting with your legs at the front of the cockpit. It does take time to learn and lighter air takes getting use to. Sitting at the back is not a good idea unless you...
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    New owner, older hull Serial# 010013 refurbishing for my daughter

    Your stripes are under the gelcoat. The gelcoat is low maintenance . I would not paint
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    New owner, older hull Serial# 010013 refurbishing for my daughter

    You should see a model year number on the right side of the stern. You boat looks good and I would not open it up. If you need to use ports. If the boat is dry the block the hardware is attached to should be good. If you do have to replace a bridle as an example only undo one screw per side. You...
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    Greater purchase on the main sheet

    If you don't race you can. Sunfish are sailed and raced regularly in winds over with the normal setup. How high is your sail above the deck? Lower rig and Jen's setup make the boat easier to handle in bigger winds.
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    Taking sailing lessons on a sunfish this weekend

    On your point one. What centerboard did the sunfish you were using have? The newer foil boards tack much better and don't stall as easily. Once you get more practice look into learning to roll tack. Much faster than just pushing the rudder over. Keeps the speed of the boat up.
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    Caulk, Sealant & Epoxy reccomendations!

    I would do an airtest before putting the port in. One less thing to seal.
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    Phantom thoughts

    As pointed the phantom was supposed to be a better sunfish but never sold. When you look at how the sunfish evolved the sunfish is better. The race sail, cunningham, adjustable out haul, vang, gooseneck gave the sunfish more power. Sail ties allow better shaping of the sail. The non sleeve...
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    Installing Bow-End of Hiking Strap

    What year is your sunfish? My 2003 has the below. Undo one of the screw and slide the front of your hiking strap on and replace the screw. If your boat was built before hiking straps you will have to put in a port and install.
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    New bridle

    Also only undo one screw on each of the mounts to slide the new bridle on. If you undo all the support blocks may fall off.
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    New sail for my Sunfish

    If you are just starting out I would sail in winds under 10 until you feel comfortable. 10 to 15 that a lot of work and you need a good boat setup.
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    How to attach deck clam cleats?

    On an older boat I had blocks under the cleats. On my new boat I do not have cleats as I race and prefer just having the sheet in my hands.
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    How to attach deck clam cleats?

    They are through bolted on the cockpit overhang. You can put nuts and washers on from the inside of the cockpit.
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    1971 Sunfish - Excellent Condition

    That boat is a 71. Three stripes on the front deck, first year of cockpit storage and last year of old rudder.
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    Racing Compass - Attachment Point/Legality

    From a previous thread with Beldar. Dear Beldar B., At the last World Council meeting, several rule changes were presented and approved. Please be aware, however, that while these changes have been approved by the ISCA World Council, they WILL NOT GO INTO EFFECT until they are approved by...
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    Shaky Sail...

    If you are just day sailing why worry about it. You are dealing with a 48 year old blown out sail. The Ratsy & Lapthorn sails never had much shape. If you want performance buy a new sail.
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    metal screws when installing inspection port ??

    I have always used stainless sheet metal screws