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    Tell Tail placement on Laser 4.7 sail

    I'm looking for direction on where to place telltails on a Laser 4.7 sail? Thanks!
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    Laser Cover Washing / Cleaning

    Is it OK to wash our Laser hull cover in the washing machine? I'm preThe cover brand is Sea Gear. Thanks!
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    Hitch Ball Size for Kitty Hawk trailer for Laser

    Thanks Laser Bill....that's what I thought.
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    Hitch Ball Size for Kitty Hawk trailer for Laser

    Can someone advise the correct hitch ball size for a Kitty Hawk trailer for a Laser? 1-7/8" or 2"? Thanks!
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    2011 Full Rig Laser for sale - 199328

    Hi JRostrum. Is your Laser still available? We also sail out of Willamette Sailing Club. My son has been on the High School sailing team sailing 420s but now feel time to move to our own Laser. Please contact: 316-737-1610 (cell) or We live in Beaverton. Thanks!
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    Laser 171149 For Sale

    Yes, also would like to know location of your Laser. Thanks. John
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    Laser 4.7 rig (lower mast+sail)

    Please advise your price for lower mast section and 4.7 sail. Please also advise condition of both.
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    Yakima Boatloader for Laser?

    Does anyone have experience using a Yakima Boatloader to assist in getting a Laser on top of your vehicle?