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    Sailing Bucket List

    A few years ago I dived around the wreck of the concrete Sapona, which ran aground South Cay Cay in the 1920's. Lots of marine life, ten to twenty ft depths, gin clear waters. There are also a few predator fishes in the area...
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    How many miles sailed in one day ?

    About 50 miles - from Port Everglades to Bimini - they were nice miles though...
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    Sunfish spars, rudder and board

    Rudder and daggerboard could use a refinish but in serviceable condition
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    Why do racers have their sails so low?

    The short version is they go faster that way. Many also make the rig adjustments you mentioned.
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    Favorite local spot?

    We would go to Cazenovia lake which is nearby. It's big enough to sail all day, and small enough to keep visual contact. We will snorkel around, then shadow the fleet when the racing begins. Finish the day with a few cold frosty ones!
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    What is your favorite waterfront restaurant?

    The Italian Fisherman in Key Largo.
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    Hey Sunfishers

    Thanks Tag! The air hole forward under the cockpit lip is a rivet larger than the ones holding the rub rail. It is blocked such that a small drill bit can not be pushed through the tiny hole. shouldn't it be open to equalize pressure?
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    Hey Sunfishers

    Eons ago I learned to sail on a Sunfish. I have owned and sailed many boats in many waters since then. I picked up a used Sunfish a week ago that is actually in quite good shape. I've been out in it a few times and it is still as much fun as it always has been. There is a group of seven or eight...