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  1. Krycek

    Spar tube diameter

    Hello all, I'm adding spar tubes to my trailer system. I'd like to put a full rig in each tube with enough room so I'm not cramming them in. I'm going between a 6" and an 8" diameter. What has been working well on other rigs?
  2. Krycek

    sailing tomorrow?

    Looking for people in the westerly, stonington, or mystic area who wants to sail tomorrow around 11. I'm in severe need of a sparing partner
  3. Krycek

    Lost The Edge....

    Help!! I've been an avid laser sailor for about 5 or 6 years now. Never a top level guy, but definately a weekend warrior. However, a few weeks ago in my frostbite sailing I had a awful crash and burn. To the point where I couldnt get the boat righted and had to be towed home. Since then, Im...
  4. Krycek

    Parts - Race Quality Blades and Full Rig Sail

    how much for a rudder/centerboard combo?
  5. Krycek

    Steady 20 right now...

    sailing is a disease to which there was no cure. I was awoken from sleep the other night by sounds of ratchet blocks clicking and sails luffing on the beach. I awoke and there were no boats around. Fell asleep and awoken by the same thing. It had been 3 weeks since I'd been laser sailing...
  6. Krycek

    Transporting a laser in the back of a truck, precautions?

    Rain... not a big deal. It's a boat.... its designed to get wet :D. However, how big is your bed? I have a full sized pickup wiht a 6 1/2 ft bed. I transproted my first laser from RI to MA with the transom up against the back of the cab, tailgate down, and lots of tiedowns. Even so, the bow...
  7. Krycek


    I would have hailed at about 8 boatlengths out. If he got into my comfort zone I would have tacked to avoid and protested.
  8. Krycek

    Laser related Cartoon

    lol... glorious
  9. Krycek

    Spring clothing question

    Water temp in 50's and air in the 60's? I'd do shorts, thermal rashguard, and spraytop.
  10. Krycek

    CT River Race

    you mean no triangles??!!!! Sure I'll give it a shot
  11. Krycek

    The Joy of Laser Sailing

    A slow reach home as the sun sets and the wind dies after a long, full, hard day of Laser sailing. Doesnt have to be racing... just has to be fun.
  12. Krycek

    North or Hyde

    This subject is re-discussed at least 4 times a year. Use the search function and you will find everything you need to know. I'm a very enthusiastic laser sailor who has tried both. North or Hyde... neither one has made me spring to the front of the pack. Unless you're a very top tier laser...
  13. Krycek

    Laser Clew Sleeve at APS

    I used it extensively on both my boats. I bought it as soon as it was released, as I like new shiney things. On my raceboat I went back to the velcro clew strap about 2 yrs ago. I wont go back. I still have the sleeve on my guest boat, but it's coming off soon. Reason I switched back: the...
  14. Krycek

    Harken Kicker Differences

    Theyre the same thing. One is pre-rigged and one you have to run.
  15. Krycek

    Laser Winter Storage

    I support option #1
  16. Krycek

    thinking of selling my Laser

    little advice... post some more info and pics. I know if I was thinking of buying a boat fo 3500 i would need a lot more info. good luck!!!
  17. Krycek

    used class-legal full-rig sails for sale

    I may be interested in one of the ones with your website on them. I'm not afraid of shamelessly promoting if it saves me a few bucks :D!!!! In general, what is the condition? Were the sails taken care of? Are they still crisp at all? How were they sailed? Big breeze... moderate breeze with a new...
  18. Krycek

    Laser Mainsheets

    I doubt half a mm will make much difference. I have a 6mm Maffioli for regular breeze and a 8mm Bzzz for big breeze. I think i've used the Bzzz once or twice. 6mm has been fine for me in almost all conditions... especially if you wear gloves.
  19. Krycek

    4 Fully Rigged Lasers, Block Island, RI

    tell me more about the excellent condition laser....
  20. Krycek

    New Upgrades proposed by Ed Adams In Sailing World

    Do you know Ed Adams? What he's done? How hard he is to catch and how GOOD of a laser sailor he is? Google Ed Adams sailing. I suggest you talk about him with a little more respect.