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  1. Breeze Bender

    Minifish Hull to Tub

    I created a big project for myself. I thought I was finishing up my Minifish project, but got a little overzealous with the leak test. The hull became overpressured and I heard a ‘pop’. Argh, I busted the cockpit tub to hull seal on the port side. When I flipped over the boat and pushed on...
  2. Breeze Bender

    Droopy Sail

    I have an Alcort class approved sail (interestingly, label says Made in Canada) I’ve just attached it to a set of spars but I can’t seem to get the right fit. The foot of the sail droops over most of the length of the boom. I can’t seem to make the sail any more taut. My only thought is in...
  3. Breeze Bender

    I Spy

    Most people would keep walking, but when I see a dumpster I take a closer look! As The Grateful Dead said so well “One man gathers what another man spills” I left a nice note on the door for the property owner and by the afternoon I met a great guy and scored not one, but two sets of free...
  4. Breeze Bender

    Last Pic

    Here’s one last shot of my ‘69 Super Sailfish. It’s raining, but it really is shiny and beautiful and all original. Green and white, my personal favorite. I’ve owned this one for over 30 years. And a ‘69?? Woodstock, Landing on the moon... I was just a kid, but I knew it was a great time to...
  5. Breeze Bender

    Great Deal on Vintage Sailfish Spars

    If you’re in the MA/New Hampshire area there’s a great deal on craigslist for a set of very early wooden spars for a Sailfish (65 SF, so won’t fit a Sunfish, but will fit a Mini or Sailfish). Even has the leather gooseneck and the sail. Not mine, and a bit too far away for me but hope someone...
  6. Breeze Bender

    Sailfish Timeline

    From what I've read the Sailfish/Super Sailfish MKII was made between 1959-1975. I've got a Super with a serial number on the deck plate 67908. I assumed it was a '79 based on this number, but guess it can't be later than a '75. Is there a timeline that would tell me the year of my boat?
  7. Breeze Bender

    Finishing Touches

    Thank you, cjo1023, for posting the triple-stripe dimensions and deck locations on the yahoo forum. I’m putting the finishing touches on the Sunfish I painted in the fall, then ‘sea trials’ before posting it for sale. The aluminum trim is now back on, just need to reattach the splashguard and...
  8. Breeze Bender

    Blast from the Past

    Signal Charlie mentioned some ideas of what to do with an old sail and it reminded me of how I learned to love the Sunfish as a kid at summer camp. Our sailing instructor was (and still is) a great man. If you won the race that day it was announced in the dining hall, with exciting detail...
  9. Breeze Bender

    Sail Repair Pics

    Maybe I invested more time than this sail is worth, since it had many small holes that seemed to be burned into it, not worn. The sail was still crisp, colorful and with a window, and I had some extra insignia cloth, so I traced out a smaller Sunfish as a patch- and reversed for the other side...
  10. Breeze Bender

    Long Winter’s Nap

    No garage at the lake, so my Sunfish rests comfortably in the living room for a long winter’s nap. Already dreaming of spring...
  11. Breeze Bender

    My Latest Bargain

    This was advertised locally as a Sunfish and I bought it last night. I knew from the pic that it was actually a Minifish, but when I checked it out I saw that the hull is- or once was- a fairly rare Minifish 2. The boat has been painted over, including the cockpit sticker, but the II can be...
  12. Breeze Bender

    CONNECTICUT Yellow, blue,green Sunfish sail

    Looking for the original color sail for my 1984 Sunfish. Please see pic. Good-excellent condition only.
  13. Breeze Bender

    Yella bellied Sunfish

    This is the first yellow hull I’ve seen on a Sunfish. It’s an ‘85 and in great shape, just purchased from original owner. Does anyone know if this color scheme was exclusive to the year? I love the deck stripe colors, too... might have to keep this one ;)
  14. Breeze Bender

    Sunfish Smiley

    On vacation on the Cape, I had to stop, smile and snap a pic when I saw this Sunfish! Credit to Jack's Boat Rentals in Wellfleet.
  15. Breeze Bender

    Beaten up Sunfish

    The good news: I scored this complete Sunfish for $25 on craigslist yesterday. The new style rudder is brand new! Unfortunately, it was never used to steer this hull away from a severe beating. This is a serious Ugly Boat Contest finalist! I have never seen the cockpit lip/deck damaged in...
  16. Breeze Bender

    2 Free Sunfish in Ashland, New Hampshire

    Check craigslist, just posted. I think there are a few New Hampshire peeps that are regulars here. Grab ‘em up! A bit too far away for me...
  17. Breeze Bender

    Ugly Mast Tube Cracks

    Same boat, other big repair. I watched the ‘autopsy’ posted by Alan Glos of a Sunfish with similar damage. I’m hoping this one can be revived! I’ve installed a port in the stern, since boat is about 50 lbs overweight and rudder upgrade is planned. Fan is running. I hope one port with deck...
  18. Breeze Bender

    Next Step: Major Cockpit Crack Repair

    I’m thinking this crack, which extends almost the length of the cockpit, will need a blind patch from the inside of the hull. Previous owner attempted to repair with what looks like Marine Tex but that was obviously unsuccessful. I’ve also got a hole on the keel. The hole in the keel will be...
  19. Breeze Bender

    Latest Pick pre-‘71 Fish

    Signal Charlie, I thought of you when I saw the picture advertising this Sunfish and trailer near me for $250. It’s pre-‘71- no cockpit cubby, but hanging from its keeper chain was the original brass rudder pin. Just hanging there! It even has the plastic tube covering the carriage bolt. I...
  20. Breeze Bender

    The Importance of a Leak Test

    The Importance of a Leak Test This Scorpion (Sunfish clone) looks great and shows no evidence of damage, but after a leak test (I used an air compressor designed for blowing up an inflatable mattress) I found six areas- all under the aluminum trim- that were bubblin’ away. I guess the good news...