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  1. sailorlem

    For Sale:  1990 Capri 14.2 Mod 2......N Indiana/S Michigan ..........SOLD.....

    14.2 Hull 3519, Roller furler jib, Adjustable hiking stick, Modified trailer Excellent condition ...........................................SOLD Excellent condition
  2. sailorlem

    Tiller tamer and ratchet block?

    My tiller tamer is a strip of velcro along either or both edges of deck and opposing velcro wrapped around hiking stick, all in proper location. Have used this arrangement on other boats, works well.
  3. sailorlem

    Life line solo sailing

    Might try 40' light floating line stringing behind to grasp in case you fall out. Loop of mesh strap looped out transom drain to use as a foot hold to climb back in. Test it, works fine for me.
  4. sailorlem

    heavy weight hiking

    I feel your pain Mixmkr, I am 185 lbs and 76 yrs. been sailing sunfish many yrs, never needed or used hiking strap. I also get "bathed" occasionally and most often on the windward side. Hope you get a chance to sail a large lake sometime. I sail the finger lakes in NY on occasion with steady...
  5. sailorlem

    Drying out a Sunfish

    I have dried out 2 hulls with following technique, Cut inspection holes at bow and stern, cover deck with black plastic, set in sun for several days with one end of hull several feet higher than the other to encourage air flow up and out as it heats. Deck under plastic gets too hot to touch. One...
  6. sailorlem

    Which Stand-Up Spring for Main Sheet Block?

    I experimented with this exact setup for a year with poor results. Even with strong spring had difficulty cleating or uncleating depending on adjusted position of cleat. Tried blocks of wood under cleat on deck to hold assy from tipping backward when attempting to cleat. More serious problem was...
  7. sailorlem

    Block on boom placement

    I have had many sunfish over the years and all of them I feel had the forward boom block too far rearward by at least 12 inches. Causes the sheet difficult to pull when sheeted in close. Will be moving the current one soon. Don't race so no rules infraction.
  8. sailorlem

    Installing a Tiller Tamer, few questions...

    My "tiller tamer" is velcro on end of adjustable hiking stick and matching velcro on either or both gunwales. Another wrap on aft end of tiller holds hiking stick when not in use. No need for metal or plastic fitting on tiller to snag or poke.
  9. sailorlem

    How do you tie your jibsheet?

    If your clew grommet is too small for a Cows Hitch you might try just feeding the sheet through the grommet and tying a square or granny knot on each side and tight to the grommet.
  10. sailorlem

    Tiller Extension Length?

    My Mod I has an adjustable length stick I really like. Have never had to adjust to full length.
  11. sailorlem

    Centerboard Problem

    I experienced this condition when purchased my Mod I several years ago. Appears the cb opening had warped slightly. I sanded the board down to a snug fit. Over winter I drive wooden shims (tapered) between the board and opening to prevent (hopefully) more warpage. Works fine all season now.
  12. sailorlem

    Winter thoughts

    I feel your pain! Not much sailing in Indiana in January either. I have been window shopping for cold weather gear and would appreciate your input on your dry suit. What brand and type and how satisfied with it. Thanks much.
  13. sailorlem


    SUNFISH. I regularly sail Capri 14.2, Laser, Butterfly, and Sunfish. My Sunfish is by far my favorite. Should be able to find one for less than $500
  14. sailorlem

    centerboard stuck

    I had same problem. Sanded both sides of board until fit was just snug. When storing for winter I drive wooden shims down each side of board to hold each side of slot open further for several months. Seems to help some.
  15. sailorlem

    Capri 14.2 with other boats

    Lasers and Flying Scotts will leave you behind. Checkout the Portsmouth Ratings.
  16. sailorlem

    Spreader length: 14 or 19 inches?

    Spreaders My Mod 1 has 19 inch, my buddies Mod 2 has 14 inch. We can detect no difference in handling or performance, including tacking angles. I do prefer the looks of the shorter spreaders. Plan to shorten mine for that reason.
  17. sailorlem

    Capri 14.2 vs Hobie Holder 14 vs Chrysler Mutineer

    Muti My Mutineer was a better sailing boat but my present 14.2 Mod 1 is more comfortable and roomy. You should be happy with either. My Sunfish is a hoot when winds get above 20.
  18. sailorlem

    Motor or No Motor

    Paddle I carry a 4' paddle. Always starts, very light, no damage if capsized. Works great up to about a mile. (I am 70 yrs old)
  19. sailorlem

    sunfish mainsheet block

    Minas man, can the cam cleat mount be rotated up and down for height adjustment?
  20. sailorlem

    Boat heads up when close hauled in strong wind

    Heading up When I sail solo in winds over about 15 (without the jib) I raise the center board about half way. As the cb raises it also pivots back and this seems to reduce weather helm.