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  1. Krycek

    Spar tube diameter

    Hello all, I'm adding spar tubes to my trailer system. I'd like to put a full rig in each tube with enough room so I'm not cramming them in. I'm going between a 6" and an 8" diameter. What has been working well on other rigs?
  2. Krycek

    sailing tomorrow?

    Looking for people in the westerly, stonington, or mystic area who wants to sail tomorrow around 11. I'm in severe need of a sparing partner
  3. Krycek

    Lost The Edge....

    Help!! I've been an avid laser sailor for about 5 or 6 years now. Never a top level guy, but definately a weekend warrior. However, a few weeks ago in my frostbite sailing I had a awful crash and burn. To the point where I couldnt get the boat righted and had to be towed home. Since then, Im...
  4. Krycek

    PVC pipe

    Hello all, I'm upgrading my spar transport system on my trailer from lashing it down to PVC storage tubes. So the question.... will a 4" tube hold all 3 spars? Or do I need 6"? Also, any sort of suggestions on creative mounting will be greatly appriciated. thanks!!!
  5. Krycek

    Gill extreme sailing vs. Aquapro gloves

    SOOOOOOOO...... this weekend I tried out my new Rooster Aquapro gloves. Grip was great... however they didnt seem to keep me as warm as my old Gill extreme winter gloves. I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions on either set of gloves or has a preferred set of cold weather gloves? I'm sailing...
  6. Krycek

    Rail repair.... all done

    Ok, this is going to be a lengthy post so I apologize if i bore anyone. I just did an extensive repair and I feel I should post it as maybe it'll help someone else get through this ordeal sooner than I did. So, several months ago I had the dolly support punch through the hull on the starboard...
  7. Krycek

    Warwick RI sailors?

    Hello.... I just moved a bit north in the biggest little state in the union... wondering if there are any other laser sailors up here to sail on a regular basis? If so.. I know a sailor who'd like to join....
  8. Krycek

    thought on Seimar cushion caps

    So, I just repaired a hole in my rail from where the dolly finally wore down and began to leak. I repaired, but dont want to do that again. So these Seimar cushions are supposed to stop that from happening. Anybody have any reviews on them?
  9. Krycek

    those new blocks..

    SO... now that the blocks are avalible for pre-order for 96 USD... are people going with them or sticking with the old ones until breakage or something... I'm not sure if I'm going to swap them now or wait until something breaks. They are definately going to be an improvement just a bit pricey...
  10. Krycek

    holt vang question

    So, today I was helping a friend rig her 15:1 Holt vang. I have been sailing the Harken ones since 2001 so never really experienced the Holt vang. So the question is this: is the line supposed to cross over itself as i comes down from the aft turning blocks? We noticed from the last block back...
  11. Krycek

    leech tell tales

    Are leech tell tales legal? If so.... do people use them? If not class legal.... who uses them on their practice sails? thanks!!!!:D
  12. Krycek

    Help with waves

    SO.... recent events have taught me that I suck in waves. Anyone have suggestions on literature or videos to help me play in waves? I have the Boat Whisperer DVD and he explained it, but I'm looking for something with a litte more in depth analysis. thanks!!!!!
  13. Krycek

    tech savvy laser sailors?

    Ok... so I bought a new toy with my tax return... its a nice little video camera that I'm thinking of mounting an adhesive mounting bracket to my bow eye. So here's my questions... #1 is there anywhere else anyone would recommend mounting the camera? #2.... any suggestions on video editing...
  14. Krycek

    a fight about a bowline

    Sooooooo.... there may or may not have been a heated debate between the RC and a member of my club as to whether or not there is a rule stating a laser must have a bowline? I've scoured the laser book and I can't find a rule stating that there must be a bow line or any sort of tethering...
  15. Krycek

    Wickford, RI sailing?

    Hello, Looking for some local sailors in Wickford, RI who have some insightful knowledge into the Wickford area as to good places to put in as well. I sailed the other day from Wilson park and was NOT impressed. Also... looking for people who would want to go sailing... match racing... beer...
  16. Krycek

    Mystic, CT

    Hello, I'm going to be sailing in Mystic this weekend and I'm wondering if anyone knows a good place to put in. My "Lead Mine" is in a local boatyard and I want to sail my laser while I'm down there as well... Any advice will be greatly appriciated
  17. Krycek

    Maffioli main sheet?

    I'm looking into buying a new mainsheet. I'm currently using the Rooster Polilite mainsheet. I've been happy with it but recently have heard a lot of scuttlebutt about the Maffioli mainsheet. I'm wondering how people like it... chiefly does it wear well? I hear it is phenominal as far as not...
  18. Krycek


    I was talking to several people in my club last week about my very poor speed downwind... partially because I'm one of "the Big Guys"... however, the amount of ground I was losing was much more than 20 lbs of extra weight. Some of the guys suggested trying S-curves... Now... what exactly does...
  19. Krycek

    2009 Worlds?

    Does anyone know if the 2009 worlds have been announced yet? If so, where is the event being held? Just curious.....
  20. Krycek

    downwind speed while racing..

    Sooo... this is spawning after a heated bar debate with a buddy while discussing tactics for the upcoming frostbiting season... Say one sails with a specific fleet that tends to run a lot of windward/leeward courses over a day of racing. Now, is it faster to go directly downwind or is is...