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  1. mixmkr

    sails...goofing around

    Ok…. I have this old sail...yes it's soft and comfortable and I added the windows years back. No draft to the sail, so it must be close, if not original to my '69 Sunfish. Oddly, the roach is scalloped or 'curved in' . You can't see it in the pictures, but the luff...or side that goes up the...
  2. mixmkr

    Hi-tech sails continued...

    The other thread really grabbed my interest about the fuller roach, shorter foot, "hi-tech" sails. Wondering mainly about the pointing improvements as that hinders me most, sometimes trying to sail upwind, thru a long narrow cove, back to the launch site. With not wanting to invest the $$$ in...
  3. mixmkr

    Inspection port

    anyone bought this particular one from Intensity? Can't beat the price. 5" Plastic Inspection Port
  4. mixmkr

    Stinger 16

    yes...wrong forum but in the general "sail talk"... you can wait on your hands forever. (sorry) Knowing that a lot of older, gentleman, Florida sailors frequent here...anyone heard of this boat? Built in Sarasota in the 80's. I'm sure the one design class is dead at this point. No internet...
  5. mixmkr

    Stinger 16

    Anyone seen or sailed one of these? Sarasota built in the 80's
  6. mixmkr

    Anyone use these on a Sunfish

    As opposed to the Sunfish bailer. Had some of these laying around, intended for another dingy.
  7. mixmkr

    Puffer rudder (vs Sunfish)

    Does your rudder stay in the "kicked up" position? Unlike my Sunfish, my Puffer does not. I'm not seeing a way with the rudder headstock and tiller arm attachments, to be able to move them around to make this possible. The Sunfish rudder goes off more at an aft angle in the down position...
  8. mixmkr

    Hiking strap

    Yeah...nay??.... for "serious" recreational sailing and not wanting to set my 65 yr old rumpus outside the cockpit coaming, I'm finding it more clutter than useful. My tennis shoes fit fine under the opposite side coaming.
  9. mixmkr

    Ray Greene lunchbox cubby

    Ya know....I really like that and have been thinking of something like that...but more behind the cockpit (where the tiller would snag on it!). I may have to get out the reciprocating saw. Shouldn't be rocket science to make and could have all kinds of positive reasons and custom aspects. The...
  10. mixmkr

    Bathroom scale

    How do you guys get you Sunfish into your bathrooms to weigh it? I've got doorways, halls, etc.....that won't accommodate me carrying it to the scale. :-/
  11. mixmkr

    Another transom drain

    I don't like deck mounted inspection ports but I do like transom drains. No housing, no leak, custom fit, clear access... Btw SeaRay artic white gelcoat is an extremely close match, I generally don't bother with tinting...especially when it's on the bottom. (Other pic) New repair just...
  12. mixmkr

    Transom drain plug

    Why do you suppose the Sunfish never came with one, is not class legal...or is it because it was considered the interior would/should normally stay dry and the starboard deck plug was more a pressure release vent (for heat expansion)? I mean, what 12 yr old girl sailor is going/capable
  13. mixmkr

    oh gosh II -- pics of the '83 to me

    Cleaned up good. No idea if it leaks, but will find out after a sail. NO inspection ports. I personally like that for now. If anything, I might drill a drain plug in the transom, but will see if needed first of course. No interior water now and feels pretty light ( I could basically lift...
  14. mixmkr

    oh gosh...

    Just bought another Sunfish. Pristine condition, dry and light. 1983 vintage. Sails and blades have always been stored indoors and are almost like new. Unbelievable. At a lake house that basically they got tired of mowing around the hull, which hasn't seen water in 20 years. Basically the...
  15. mixmkr

    Puffer ok for 2 100lb dogs (and me!) that love the water and swimming?

    Sunfish too small of course. AMF Puffer with trailer may be available... $600 sound decent?...77 vintage with all parts and usable sails.
  16. mixmkr

    DePersia bailer

    So... with the metal cap totally removed, the cockpit actually drains pretty quickly, but I'm not too fond of holding the cap in my hand, in case I take a dunk! I think I'll try an old fashioned, rubber transom drain plug, with a lanyard and see how that goes. With the cap on, it "trickles"...
  17. mixmkr

    fiberglass daggerboard and squall line

    Had a thrilling ride today in my '69 Sunfish. The last mile or so was downhill with a 20+ mph winds with gusts, as a squall line was coming on quick. Flew like the dickens whizzing over the white caps and closely spaced waves. Since sailing in the direction of the waves as well, made for some...
  18. mixmkr

    Tacking angle

    So...whats the secret for pointing and not having a digusting tacking angle? Sailing back thru my cove (about 3 miles long) back to to launch site...the wind loves to typically shift around (once off the main lake) and come straight in or out of the cove, funneled by the parallel shore lines...
  19. mixmkr

    Turned down low price fish purchases

    I looked at three fishes today that came with 2 trailers for $750 for all. I was initially excited but after seeing them...2 should be dumpster bound and the best was pretty rough. All had old style rudder but ALL blades would need serious work and probably new sails too. Trailers were...
  20. mixmkr

    I put my fish up for the winter :-(

    It'd be fun to haul it down to Florida etc....but my wife may not let me take it alone....basically being a one person boat :-D No....she doesnt want one for her either! Will make the bottom look new again over the I can drag it ashore again next season! :-)